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Identifying the best young talents in the sports industry

Have you always dreamed of working in the sports industry but do not know where to start? We understand how difficult it is to kick off a career in sports. For this reason, we have created a unique platform competition to identify the best young talents and provide you with an unparallel experience to work on a real-time project for selected sports organizations, the Sportsidealisten Sports Employees of Tomorrow (SSET). SSET will not only provide you as an applicant with an opportunity to instigate a significant positive change in the host organizations but will also provide them with learnings from a team of experts.

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Bridge the gap together in the sports industry

Every day the sports industry is challenged to make an impact and solve the social, technological and economical issues in the sports society. With the pandemic of Covid-19, there is a greater need for contributing to the labour market in sports. The need for strong, motivated young sports professionals has never been more needed than now.

Sportidealisten’s Sports Employees of Tomorrow aims to bridge the gap between young sports professionals and sports employers by uniting top candidates from across the globe to compete against one another in a one day pitch competition.

The competition is centered around the employer’s challenges and you as an applicant will be challenged to create innovative solutions to make social, environmental and financial impacts in sports.

Benefits for young sport professionals

Network & Mentorship

We are building a community of brilliant minds of young sports business professionals who will help each other through their expertise, connections, knowledge, and personal recommendations. From this, a network will be established, with new alumni adding up each year. Together we can connect and help to make the sports labour market become greater than ever before. Participants will also receive mentorship from our team of experts.

Work experience

Get valuable work experience in the sports industry to kick-start your career. 


All the finalists can be awarded certificates (consisting of logos of all partner organizations), coupon code for products from our sponsors/partners, some giveaways and potential prize money for the winners is the icing on the cake.


Additionally, we can offer our recommendations to the finalists for any job opportunities in the future within the Sportidealisten network.

Resume coaching, Resume coaching in sports

Get published

Moreover, the best works will be published on Sportsidealisten’s website. By highlighting the best projects, Sportsidealisten aims to give SSET finalists a chance to get noticed by other big sports organizations around the world.

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Sportidealisten Sports Employees of Tomorrow, Sportidealisten Sports Employees of Tomorrow for Job Seekers
Resume coaching, Resume coaching in sports
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This is how it works

Not only will young sport professionals be engaging directly with leaders in the sports industry, but all participants have the opportunity to share their voice and concepts with the industry.

Level 1 – Screening

We will ask you for your CV, motivation to work in the sports industry, areas of interest within the industry, how you can add value to a sports organization and a solution to a real-life problem/challenge of one of the participating sports organizations (keeping the name of organization anonymous in the beginning).

The areas of interest/expertise of professionals in the first round can be Marketing, Business Development, Finance, Social Media, Customer Relations, Fan engagement, Internationalization, CSR, Talent Identification and Scouting, etc. This will help us to identify which project will be best suited for you. We will ask you to write a short abstract on how you will approach a challenge/problem (anyone out of 3-4 options). This will provide us with your ability to solve the issue. Based on your responses, the team of Sportidelisten will shortlist some candidates.

Level 2 – Real-time project

We will introduce shortlisted candidates to our partner sports organizations (physically or virtually). We will also provide you with details of official personnel from the sports organization who will be their main point of contact. The organization will present the problem to you and provide you with the appropriate data/documents required to complete the project. A member from the team of Sportidelisten will also mentor/assist you to prepare the best possible version of the project.

Level 3 – Live Presentation

At the Grand Finale, you will present the project in front of the jury and the representatives from the organizations (virtually or in person). The top 3 candidates will be selected to take on the challenge in reality based on judgments.

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SSET is open to all irrespective of their location, age, gender, academic qualification, or professional background.

Whether you have previous work experience in the sports industry or not, it does not matter. All you need is a drive to become a sports professional, the ability to solve a problem in the most optimum way and a never-ending thirst to learn.

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