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Job Functions:
  • Maintain models and products previously developed by the Quantitative Analysis team
  • Review new code and models developed by the Quantitative Analysis team
  • Perform ad hoc data analyses to answer urgent questions from front office leadership and other groups within baseball operations
  • Prepare presentations and reports to communicate model results to the front office, as well as staff from coaching, scouting and player development
  • Learn about industry software tools and advanced statistical models as guided by other members of the Quantitative Analysis team
  • Assist with and manage personnel-related manners, such as reviewing resumes, interviewing candidates and overseeing intern projects
  • Perform other related duties as assigned
Basic Requirements/Qualifications:
  • Relevant experience in data science (such as a bachelor’s degree in a STEM field, programming experience, and/or past statistical analysis/research)
  • Experience with R or Python
  • Ability to communicate effectively in speech and in writing about technical and non-technical concepts
An Ideal Candidate:
  • Has passion for data science and may be new to the field
  • Brings additional experience from a field outside of data science which could be applied to baseball (such as physics, psychology or design, to name a few)
  • Is eager to learn from the Quantitative Analysis team and grow as a data scientist, taking on greater responsibility in the future
When you apply, please submit a one-page resume (PDF strongly preferred). You may optionally submit a data science work sample (PDF strongly preferred) to supplement your application. The work sample might be an old class project, or a hobby project, or a link to something you published online. The work sample need NOT be related to baseball. If you are able to include the code you used for the project (e.g. as a GitHub link), that is a plus.

To apply for this job please visit www.teamworkonline.com.