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In our monthly newsletter, we deliver several great lessons learned from news, trends, and articles from the sports world but also from other industries in order to better understand the society and what we can bring into our own sports career. In the last newsletter, we have so many great news and lessons to share and therefore we will share the ones that never made it on our top list. Let us present to you The Rest of the Best.

The Swedish Championship week gave Malmö many positive effects

The Experience Institute, on behalf of the Swedish Sports Confederation and the City of Malmö, evaluated the Swedish Championship week (SM week) that was held last summer in Malmö. The analysis shows continued great interest and a high tourist economic turnover for the event.

Read the full story here.

Ten associations want to change youth sports: We have a ticking bomb of mental illness

The Swedish football has been divided into two halves.

One stands for international big clubs, elitist academies and agents who have transformed sports into markets and children into consumers and products.

On the other half, they stand for letting the youth just play. Ten clubs from different municipalities are trying to work against the commercial stand.

It has been important to have a car or a house, now it’s also about having children who perform. We have a ticking bomb of mental illness and the associations must take responsibility, says Dennis Hörtin, director of children and youth activities at AIK.

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Every year, 32 clubs in the Swedish Elite Football (Allsvenskan and Superettan) carry out a large number of efforts in the society. In the study “The football plan in the middle of the village” (PDF) you can read more about the real social effects of elite football in Sweden.

Everything that is done is measured and implemented with a clear direction towards the UN’s global goals for sustainable development. Of the 17 defined goals, they have focused on three separate focus areas where different initiatives are implemented within each sub-area.

Want to dig deeper? Read more here.

Swedish Football and the Convention on the Rights of the Child: An Analysis on Swedish
Elite Clubs from a Child Rights Perspective

This essay deal with Swedish football in the light of the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC), which entered into force in Swedish law in 2020. The purpose is to problematise the CRCs signification for Swedish football and then to analyse four Swedish elite football clubs from a children’s rights perspective. The theoretical standpoint is based on the four guiding principles of the CRC and it is through these principles the clubs, AIK, Hammarby IF, Malmö FF and IFK Norrköping will be studied. The analyse will answer whether the four clubs operates in a way that is compatible with the CRC. Read the study here.

5 honest answers that are guaranteed to be successful in the job interview

Each job interview contains a couple of critical questions that can be difficult to answer. But through some preparations, you can turn these questions to your advantage. Continue the reading here.

The Finnish hockey league will be played – virtually

The Finnish hockey league was canceled due to the spread of the corona virus. But now it is clear that the endgame will, after all, be carried out – virtually with the help of video games. Full story here.

A call for politicians and the Swedish Sports Confederation

Swedish sport has for a long time built its success on non-profit leadership and strong sportsmanship. To be a small country, Sweden often wins medals in international competitions and their 20,000 sports associations create world-class public health.

At the same time, research shows that Swedish sports have become increasingly dependent on commercial income for a long time. For a local club, it can be about organizing a running or skiing competition and for the top clubs in hockey and football they cannot operate without income and services from TV, tickets and sponsors. Access the full story here.

Easier to recruit in sport clubs than in companies

“Sport clubs have better conditions many times, than some companies in the business world have …” says Andreas Kristiansen, who works at the consulting firm Clockwork in Umeå. The podcast Här pågår föreningsidrott have met him to talk about recruitment to the sport club’s life, how to think and go about doing a successful recruitment job. Listen to the podcast here.

Labor market efforts from football save the society billions – Sweden’s municipalities the big winners in a new study

If every club in the men’s top divisions in football, Allsvenskan and Superettan, through their community engagement, each receives three young people in the labor market, the economic value amounts to SEK 57 million in social savings – annually. This is shown in a new study called “My football plan”. The study was developed by, among others, Sweden’s leading economist Ingvar Nilsson on behalf of the Swedish Elite Football. The report also shows that Sweden’s municipalities win big on the sustainability work of elite football alongside the plan. Here you can read the full story.

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