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In our monthly newsletter, we deliver several great lessons learned from news, trends, and articles from the sports world but also from other industries in order to better understand the society and what we can bring into our own sports career. In the last newsletter, we have so many great news and lessons to share and therefore we will share the ones that never made it on our top list. Let us present to you the third edition of The Rest of the Best.

Homemade tech, remote production and Tesco deliveries… how BT Sport brought the Bundesliga back

As the first major European soccer league to return to action amid the coronavirus pandemic, the Bundesliga demanded ingenuity from its broadcast partners to get games on air. SportsPro spoke to BT Sport COO Jamie Hindhaugh to get an insight into the UK pay-TV broadcaster’s approach to live sport production at a social distance.

What lessons did you learn from that broadcast?

What you learn from the success of it are things like: ‘why on earth would you bring a commentator into a booth in Stratford when they can do it from home?’ Some big events – when I say big I mean in the UK and with a crowd there – you may still want one or both your commentators at the ground. What I love about this is that it starts checking some of those givens that have been in place just because they are.

All our commentators, our on-screen colleagues, all really enjoyed being part of it. That was partly the excitement of having the Bundesliga back, but also, ‘yes, we’re really doing something different here’. Also, we’re doing it for the right reasons, not just to be clever, but to protect our teams, our infrastructure, and show our audiences what they want.

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NBA goes Disney World

The NBA’s Board of Governors have approved a plan to restart the suspended season with a tentative July 31 start at Disney World in Florida amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the league said on Thursday.

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The tech adding atmosphere to empty sports stadiums

The coronavirus pandemic means sporting events having to take place behind closed doors and in empty stadiums.

BBC Click’s Paul Carter looks at how the sports organisers and the broadcasters are using technology to add atmosphere to events without any crowds.

Are there new ways to imagine community sport?

Jak Carroll explores commitment-free sports games, apps, mixed-age and digital competitions for community sport.

I am not suggesting we dismantle the current sporting club structure, but are there other things we can do? For example, there is a half-court basketball facility in a local park near where I live. The local basketball club or council could use an app (similar to Meetup) to coordinate casual pick-up games once a week where an adult coach/referee comes along to ensure it is safe and to give some tips. From the players’ perspective, there would be no regular commitment, no uniforms, and no cost. Note that parkrun is an existing exemplar of this philosophy, with its motto of “Free. For everyone. Forever”.

I don’t think any of us know what the world will be like when we get to the other side of the COVID-19 bridge. But I do know that it never hurts to think about how to do things differently. As businessman Max de Pree wrote:“We cannot become what we want by remaining what we are”

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Handball EURO contributed with 74 million to Skåne

The Handball European Championships in January generated 30,000 hotel nights and a turnover of SEK 74 million in Skåne, according to a report from the Experience Institute. In addition, Region Skåne received SEK 300,000 as part of the championship win. For Sweden, the figure was SEK 205 million in tourism turnover.

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New equality projects receive support by the Swedish sports confederation

The purpose of the projects is to take special sports associations closer to one of the sport’s gender equality goals, which is about equal representation in boards and governing bodies, such as nomination committees. And thereby gain a greater understanding of what is happening on the way there.

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Despite the coronavirus lockdown that has prevented teams from playing, those in the know never gave up on the sports industry’s ability to be a fertile ground for innovation and entrepreneurship.  

That’s the gist of the remarks made by Wayne Kimmel, a managing partner at SeventySix Capital (Conshohocken, Pa.), during an online innovation chat hosted by James Barrood, advisor to Tech Council Ventures and the Jumpstart NJ Angel Network.

Ian Goldberg, cofounder and CEO of iSport360 (Manalapan), added that sports apps like his have proven to be even more important to coaches and parents who want to keep their kids on top of their sports and to encourage team camaraderie during this time. The company has recently decided to give the iSport360 platform and app away for free to any coach or team that needs it to stay connected this season.

A video of the online event can be found here.

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