What does a content producer in sports do?

In this article we will share the story from Adam who is the content producer at Storvreta IBK. You will learn what floorball is and how to get a job in sports. What does a content producer do and what are the tasks included? The full story is based on a podcast episode from Sports Views Podcast.

This is a shorter article based on an interview with Adam Troy from the Sport Views Podcast! The sport we are talking about is a well-known sport in Sweden so therefore we believe it is important to share this conversation with Adam. In this episode, you will learn a lot! Adam will share what content production is all about, why he is unique in many ways in Sweden but also in America. We talk about the sport Floorball, how he created a federation, as well as:

What does a content producer in sports do?

Adam Troy is a digital communicator and content producer. But for many of us it could be hard to understand what that mean. Here is some of the main tasks:

Updating website, social media as well as taking photography, producing videos, organizing the occasional event, networking at events all over the world and more.

As well as work on newsletters, organize training camps, visit clubs abroad to promote Storvretacupen.

Read the summary of how to create a sport federation

How Adam got into his sports job with content production in floorball

Adam shares some great advice on how to get a job in sports.

If you want to learn more about working with content production, Adam recommended the podcast, Social on the Sidelines

If you want to learn more about adding value, Adam recommends to read Gary Vee’s books, e.g. Jab Jab Jab Right Hook

Also, Adam had a question to the audience, feel free to answer in the comments below:

What is the content piece/social media post that has made you emotional or gotten your attention?

Watch some of Adam’s work in the videos below

The first video is Storvreta’s special intro.

The second video is a player presentation with one of the best player in floorball history, Anna Wijk.

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