Dual career within sport management

dual career within sport management

This week we had our second meeting with the EU project COMPATH that was held in Murcia, hosted by UCAM Spanish Sports University. the project is about promoting employability of young student-athletes through a “competence hub on sport innovation”.

At the end of May 2023 we took part of the second meeting of the EU project COMPATH.

Together with all the project partners we followed up from the first meeting that was held in Oslo, Norway 2022 and this years’ focus was planning and brainstorming for the next steps in the COMPATH project which supports the educational, professional, and personal development of young athletes-students (18-25 years) through a ‘‘Competence Hub on Sport Innovation’’, thereby contributing to promote quality and new jobs and to driving innovation. Hopefully more people can use their passion for sports and get into the sport management industry later on.

The objective of COMPATH

The specific aims of the project are:

  • to develop educational resources in order to touch both the careers and perspectives of young student-athletes by showing sports-oriented technology and 21st century skills, business world, entrepreneurship and different thinking and literacy methods; and
  • to launch the ”Digital Competence Hub on Sport Innovation” where young student/athletes will acquire the skills and competencies to increase their employability in the sports industry.

Dual career

One of the project partners is European Athlete Student (EAS) and they support European athletes in combining high performance sport and education. A “dual career” means you as an athlete can both focus on your athlete career as well as a career outside of the athletic one. EAS helps in this way by helping athletes to get an education or vocational training, so that they have a safe platform to start from when their sports career is over.

The International Olympic Committee has also build up great resources for a dual career. Some of the great benefits for a dual career are:

  • Health and psychological benefits such as reduced stress and increased well-being. Education allows you to give yourself a break and have a different focus or a positive distraction.
  • The opportunity to enhance current skills, develop your life skills and become more well-rounded.
  • The chance to expand your social networks beyond sports.
  • Enhanced employment prospects with transferable skills for the future.

COMPATH in Murcia

We are happy to be currently participating in the COMPATH project. The second meeting was held in Murcia, Spain, hosted by UCAM Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia! Over two days, we were engaging in dynamic discussions focused on driving innovation in education and sport.

The meeting covered a range of crucial topics, including overall project management, the development of educational resources, gamification-based digital sport innovation, pilot schemes, dissemination strategies, and more! We are really looking forward to see student-athletes to become the next sport management professionals. More about what the meeting looked like, please see the galley below.

Stay tuned as we continue to forge ahead with the COMPATH project, aiming to transform education and sport through collective innovation!

These 4 things are what your sports club should focus on during the summer

sports clubs, work smarter

During the summer, the activities in a sports club are usually quieter than at other times of the year. It can then be a good time to make the following 4 things in order to become a smart and effective sports club. Therefore, here are 4 tips on what you can do during the summer.


Build and set up your upcoming semester in your administration system. First of all, what does your sports club look like? Which members should be in which group? Do you have enough coaches or is it necessary to recruit new ones? If you are going to open any training groups or events for the autumn, it is high time to create these setups already now. Make sure there are links or buttons to click in order to register for the new semester. Also remember to notify your members of all information well in advance of the start of the semester.


Review your governing documents and policies. Does something need to be revised or do you lack an action plan? If there is any period of the year when you can focus and make great documents and policies for internal and external uses, then the summer is the time to develop these and then implement them before the start of the autumn semester. Here you will find tips on how your sports clubs can develop a crisis plan from Riksidrottsförbundet. If you use digital tools such as Dropbox or Google drive, Trello or have documents saved on your computer, it can be useful to go through existing files to remove outdated documents or add new ones. It may also be relevant to clear your membership register so that old members are not lying around in the system.


Plan for upcoming events. Do you have a lecture, workshop, kick off, project or event to organize for autumn/winter? Start planning already during the summer months and you will have the work more evenly distributed and will not have to sit with everything at the same time at the start of the semester. This will save you more time and money than you think. Make sure to involve at least one to three more people in order to more people engaged and aware about upcoming plans.


Focus on skill development within the sports club. Perhaps some of our previous reading tips might be of interest to you? Learn more here.

Bonus – do more with less

Do you in the sports club need help to make these things happen, or perhaps need help implementing new projects and tasks for the autumn? Then you can contact us to find out how we can help you on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. We help sports clubs become smarter by working smarter. Maybe you and your colleagues need some vacation but are stressed out that the sports club will be standing still? No worries, we can do the work while you rest this summer! Contact us to learn more.


How to build a sports club’s website

How to build a sports club’s website

Is your website up to date? If you are or know the one that is the website administrator, then you should read this article of how to build a sports club’s website. During the fall 2021 we received a request by Malmö Tigers Wrestling to update their website from IdrottOnline to something new. After some initial meetings we managed to not only update the website, but also upgrade it and make it more user and member friendly. In this article we will share how you can create a website, what we did, how we did it and why.


Today it is a must to have a website for sports clubs in order to be found by new potential members but also in order to help your own members with the latest news or recruiting new staff or coaches etc. In Sweden the sports clubs have a history of websites that are built up on the system IdrottOnline, which is the Swedish Sport Confederation’s own system where all participation is registered in order for sports clubs to receive important income called LOK-stödet.

When IdrottOnline was launched in 2007, the vision was a single operating system for the entire sports movement, but today many sports organizations work in other systems, which requires a structured collaboration. IdrottOnline has also grown in complexity, which means managing the website is not up to date and lacks a modern structure as all websites require today.

At the end of 2022 this website tool at IdrottOnline will be shut down, which means that a lot of sports clubs need to make a change and setup a new website. Even though this may sound challenging, we do think that this is a good step forward for the sports clubs. Why? Well, IdrottOnline is an old system that is not user friendly, which makes it problematic to provide good communication to members and potential members. The user experience is key when it comes to digital engagement. About 5-7 seconds is the time limit before a visitor online takes a decision and either stay or move on to another website. And if we want to keep provide the best sports opportunity and getting more members, we need to communicate clear and be user friendly.

About 5-7 seconds is the time limit before a visitor online takes a decision and either stay or move on to another website.

Jakob Wikenstal, founder & ceo, Sportidealisten

What to think about when getting a new website?

So now what? You know you need to change the website platform, usually called CMS, which is the background platform tool which makes all magic for each website.

Do you have a website at IdrottOnline? To get a smooth change as possible – do not wait. Start with an analysis of the current situation. What works well or less well with your existing website?

Here are some things to think about when getting a new website

  • What are your target groups?
  • What features should your website have?
  • Which administrative system (s) do you use within your sport?
  • Do you have your own domain name? Learn more about domains here.
  • Don’t forget to save and download all of your texts, documents and images from your IdrottsOnline website.

What is a domain and a web host?

What is a domain and do we have one? What is a web host and do we need this? How do we choose a website solution? Which price range is reasonable? You do not want to spend a lot of money on the website, nor do you want it to take too much time. The non-profit time is already limited and therefore you want it to go quickly and smoothly. More about this here.

First step when getting a new website

A good first step could be to bring together those people in your club who could be a good reference group. When you found your group, start looking at what is good about your website today and what you want to improve. If you are not part of the board, you might need to book a meeting with the board to get approval to run the move. And be prepared that this will take some time before the construction of the new website itself is underway.

5 things to consider when choosing a domain name

These 5 tips plus another one come from Internetstiftelsen.

  1. Do not bother about it
    This is useful if the site name and domain name are identical, except for accepted abbreviations. If your sports club’s name is not available, try to get a domain name that is easy to remember or relate to your club, which is more logical and therefore will appeal to more people.
  2. Think about the pronunciation
    Say the URL you want to register loud to yourself a few times. If it sounds strange and difficult to say the address, the domain name is probably not good if you want many visitors to the site. URLs are often used in everyday speech and then it is important that the domain name can be pronounced without major problems.
  3. Avoid misunderstandings
    Once you have found a domain name that works, search for the word or site name in the nearest search service. If there is an address that is already established and that also has similar content to what you will be doing on your website, then consider registering another address. If it is easy to confuse the websites with the names and domain names, it is probably not good for anyone. Remember to make sure that the domain name you choose does not infringe on the rights of others.
  4. Ask for advice
    Check with your colleagues and friends what they think about your choice of domain name. Is the address simple enough? Can it be memorized? Does the site name reflect what you will have it for? Feel free to test your domain name on those who are not constantly online professionals for the best quality of opinions.
  5. More than one address
    When you get the address with example.com or similar, you can also register example.se / example.nu or similar. There are countless variants of this, for example registration of accepted abbreviation used in everyday speech, xample.se, xmple.se and so on. Do not forget to point your different addresses to a main address, for example example.com. You can do this in the domain manager at your registrar where you register the domain name or get help from them with the pointing.

Web hosting

But will it be enough with a domain name? No, you also need a web host. And if you don’t not really know what it is, a “Web host” is a physical server where your website “lives”, so you need to rent a small area with space for your website. There are many different options to choose from and there are also options where web hosting is not needed at all. So a whole jungle. We will share more about this further down.

The best tip of the day is to take some time for you here. Even though this search and reading might feels overwhelming and stressful there are a lot of useful and free recourses and courses to learn more around all of this.

SSL certificate

Maybe most importantly to look up, if the web host delivers SSL certificate. An important companion, choose a web host (if you are going to have one) with support in Sweden and check that they have “SSL certificate” (yes, another new word you might have learned in this process), it is something that encrypts and which makes the information on the website secure, if you do not have this, you will also end up further down on Google’s search function. Which means that less people will find your sports club in Google and that is an opportunity you don’t want to miss out. Here, too, there are free options to choose from.

Does it cost to build a website?

The biggest change from having your website for free at IdrottOnline is that the next website will now be a cost for your club. So now when you will make your new website, you need to consider all costs that comes a long with a website.

One recommendation is to check with your sports association if they have an offer for you. This list shows which sports associations that are offering something to your sport:

When is a good time to build a website in your sports club?

One question that is a popular one working in sports, is how much time you have? Time is the biggest and most challenging asset we have in sports. When you build or move your website, you need to consider your time. When is a good time to make your new website? Depending on the sport or sports you do at your club, the timing to create a website will be different. No matter what, you need to plan for at least a week of thoughts, plans and decisions and then additional weeks depending if you create it yourself and if you do it full time or not or if you hire a consultant to build it. If you are an outdoor sport, you will most likely have July or December as your best time for improvements. And if you are an indoor sport, you will most likely have June-July as your best time for improvements.

What are the most popular services to build a website?

The most common website platforms to work with when it come to building a website are WordPress, Squarespace, One.com and Wix. The good thing is that these four are all easy to use because they provide a drag and drop function, so you don’t need to know how to code. And more important thing to also think about is the email functions, which comes included at One.com. With the other ones you will need to get a separate email operator. However, if you already got your email operator, then you can skip this thing.

WordPress .com or .org?

We are using WordPress and like what you get from the platform. However, if you are going for WordPress it could be good to understand that there are two different versions of WordPress, wordpress.com and wordpress.org.

But what is the difference?

“.Com” is more limited. You can’t create and manage that much with your website and you got limited templates and functions. But this is great if you just want the basics get up and running. You don’t need to know that much about WordPress and building websites, and the best benefit is that you can avoid the web hosting aspect too. With .org this is part of the setup.

“.Org” is unlimited when it comes to the choice of themes and functions. You can design and use all templates and functions you want, but you will need a web host and this will require more time in the start-up phase. And not only this, in order to get out the potential of a website with .org you need to learn a lot how to setup up and design several functions.

One example of moving from IdrottOnline to a new website

Still not sure if you can find a web plattform that is best for you and how to proceed? Don’t you worry, we will now share how we helped a sports club with their move from IdrottOnline to a new website.

Case study: This is how Malmö Tigers Wrestling got a new website

The president of the wrestling club, Malmö Tigers reached out to us during the spring 2021 and looked for help to create their new website. They were using IdrottOnline (see image below) and were limited in a good user experience and a digital presence. We set up an initial meeting in order to better understand what Malmö Tigers were looking for. During our conversations with Malmö Tigers we made sure to understand their core values, vision and what was important to find on their next website.

On the left side you find Malmö Tigers website with IdrottOnline

Background check and set up website

After the initial meetings we went through their current website and their social media accounts in order to understand what is available today and what could be used on the new website. For us it was important to use as much material as possible that the club already had in place. Combining this part with their vision and core values we created a mindmap and a draft on what will be important to highlight and what should be easy to find on the website.

One question that is good to consider is what menus or topics are important to have accessible for your members and visitors. This answer will help yourself or the consultant that will build the website to set up the new website.

With Malmö Tigers we went for One.com as it is a platform that includes email hosting as well as an easy drag & drop website builder, which does not require any coding skills. This was a great benefit for Malmö Tigers Wrestling when they would take over the website later on. They can in their own pace go through the website and get familiar with the drag & drop system.

Sportidealisten built a website for the sports club, Malmö Tigers Wrestling

After going through the current material, the vision, the core values and all discussions with Malmö Tigers Wrestling’s president we startade to find the right feeling, design and added more content in order to improve the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). The use of an SEO focused website will help potential customers, members and athletes to find Malmö Tigers website. When people are searching for things, at least wrestling on Google they will hopefully find Malmö Tigers.

We had a continous check in with the president in order to include the sports club as much as possible in order to deliver a great customer friendly service.

And what was the final result?

On the right side you find Malmö Tigers after our work

What Sportidealisten provides for sports clubs?

When we helped Malmö Tigers and other customers, we have provided a setup where some pages are key to the foundation of the website. And we can deliver a basic package to get started with a new website for you too.

A basic package with a ready-made design that makes it easy for you to get started new website. We help you enter your color and your logo.
The package consists of ready-made templates that are used to create different parts of your website. Our package contains the most common templates for you to be able to build and grow with your website as you wish. The website is of course adapted for both mobile and computer.

Templates in the package:
• Home page
• News
• About
• Information page
• Contact

With the templates you can then create which structure and how many pages and workspaces / subsites (eg for a team or a big competition, etc.) that you are in need for. For example, information about your next competition, results, contact information, photo gallery, history of the club, newsletter, document archive and more.

Add ons and possibilities creating a website with Sportidealisten

Even though everything above sounds great you might not be done with your dream website. Well, there is more.

In addition to templates, you have lots of possibilities with other modules and features with an increased license cost. When the website is built with a module-based solution, we can easily change, add and change parts on the website, without the need for training or access to
web developers.

Examples of modules and functions:
• Search function
• Form
• Google Analytics
• Tags
• Automatic archiving
• YouTube and video
• Pictures and slide shows
• Sitemap
• Side trees
• Login
• Authorization control
• Spell check
• Link control
• Accessibility

How it works with building a website with the help from Sportidealisten?

Step 1

Contact us and we set up a meeting to discuss your needs. Together we set up a contract that delivers the basic package and support. You also share your profile color, your logo in the correct format and size as well as which domain name the website should have at launch.

Step 2

Sportidealisten carries out installation of the base package, adds your color as well as your logo. The website is then assigned one temporary address (domain) as used for editing before it’s time for launch.

Step 3

When the website is available via a temporary address you have the opportunity to edit and create pages and post the content as you wish to be on the website.

Step 4

You will be given access to an IP number so you can point your domain name. So as soon as you have pointed the domain name for this IP number the website is launched. If you do not have one domain name we can also help you with this.

Plenty of options on the market

The market for websites has developed enormously in recent years. As you have learned in this article, there are a number of free and high-quality website platforms with great opportunities for tailor-made adaptations. We recommend sports clubs and sports federations that use the IdrottOnline website to choose one of the free alternatives for the website that are currently on the market, or contact us to get guidance and help.

Do you feel that building a website feels like a big challenge? Don’t you worry, Sportidealisten can help you, either to build your next website or advice you with what to do and how to do it.

Contact us

What is The World Games?

What is The World Games?

During the summer of 2022 another postponed Mega sporting event has been held and this article is focusing on The World Games that has been held in Birmingham, USA. But what is The World Games and why should it be the best sporting event in the world? These questions will be answered in this article.

History of The World Games

The idea for a multi-sport event for non-Olympic sports came from the General Association of International Sports Federations (GAISF). Realising that there were few opportunities to become part of the Olympic programme, non-Olympic federations wanted to form their own showcase event to increase the publicity of their sports, which they called The World Games. These federations formed a steering group in early 1979 to decide on the structure and principles of the games and search for a venue.

Back in 1980, the International World Games Association (IWGA) was founded. IWGA has 37 member sport federations but not all sports feature necessarily on every edition. Existing infrastructure and venues in and around the host city are the determining factor in the selection of sports to the Official Sports Program. In addition, the IWGA, in coordination with the host city, can invite some sports to participate in the “invitational” programme. No World Games medals are awarded to invitational sports.

What is the difference between the Olympic Games and The World Games?

While the International Olympic Committee grants its support to all editions of The World Games, and while the IWGA explicitly accepts and adheres to all principles in the Olympic Charter, the multi-sport games differ in one important aspect from the Olympics. The host is never required to build facilities or extend upon available infrastructure for the sake of The World Games alone. Ideally, the event is to be staged at existing venues, in appropriately sized facilities that have been planned or built regardless of the candidate host bidding for the event. This condition influences the composition of The World Games program. Not all sports feature necessarily on every edition. Existing infrastructure and venues in and around the host city are the determining factor in the selection of  sports to the Official Sports Program. 

One more difference to the Olympics, the invitation to and management of the competitions at The World Games are in the hands of the international sports federations.

When was the first World Games held?

The first edition of The World Games was held in Santa ClaraUSA, in 1981. It was opened by Kim Un-yong, President of The World Games I executive committee. at Buck Shaw Stadium. At the opening ceremony, the athletes marched sorted by sport and not by nation.

The 15 sports at the inaugural games included badmintoncastingracquetball, and taekwondo. The first medals of the Games were awarded in the 640 kilo class of tug-of-war, with the gold going to the team from England.

(source The World Games )

When is The World Games held?

The World Games is held every four years with competitions for about 3600 of the world’s best athletes in over 30 different sports. Every 4 years, in the years following the Summer Olympic Games.

The World Games are staged over a period of 11 days. They start with the Opening Ceremony and conclude with the Closing Ceremony. Their organization is entrusted by the IWGA to a Local Organizing Committee formed by the host city and entities such as the regional and national governments, the National Olympic Committee and other sporting authorities.

So what is The World Games?

The World Games is organised with the support of the IOC. In The World Games, the sports that strive for Olympic status and that are part of the Olympic family participate, but not in the Olympic Games. the world’s best athletes in young, new and attractive sports and disciplines that are not part of the Olympic Games, unite in their common search for excellence during The World Games. And you know what, The World Games is the second largest multi-sport event in the world after the Olympic Games. Competitions at the highest level in a multitude of diverse, popular and spectacular sports make up the mainstay of The World Games. Sports practiced on land, in the air, in and on the water, all concur in the pursuit of “Faster, Higher, Stronger”. 

The previous edition took place in Wroclaw, Poland. Some 35,000 people attended the opening ceremony of the event, which attracted more than 3,000 competitors from 100 nations, including 66 paramotor pilots and skydivers.

The mission of The World Games

The principal statutory aims of the International World Games Association are

  • to develop the popularity of the sports that are governed by its Member Federations,
  • to improve their prominence through excellent sporting achievements, and
  • to conserve all the traditional values of sport.

How to take part in The World Games?

To become part of The World Games programme, the sport must be widely spread in the world and the specific sport federation must be a member of the IWGA.

In each sport, only the best athletes or teams may participate, as determined by the International Sports Federations. In most classes, it is necessary to qualify by a top ranking at the World Championships or a qualification tournaments, to be able to participate.

The World Games 2022 in Birmingham, USA

The World Games is held every fourth year but due to the pandemic, The World Games 2022 is actually one year postponed, which means it should probably be called The World Games 2021 like the Olympic Games did with the Olympic Games 2020. Anyhow, when you read this, The World Games has been held in Birmingham, USA, 7-17 July. Below is a promotional video to give you a good sense of what is happening at The World Games.

How many countries participate at The World Games?

At The World Games 2022 106 countries participated at the start in Birmingham.

This already takes account of the fact that the International World Games Association (IWGA) has banned athletes from Russia and Belarus from competitions in the 34 sports.

Insights of The World Games 2022

Here are som interesting facts of The World Games 2022.

103 Athletes from Ukraine

103 athletes from Ukraine qualified for 63 of the 223 medal events for The World Games 2022.

1,151 unique names

The database shows that around 2,200 quota places for athletes and teams have been allocated. The 34 International Federations that participated in the Games entered 1,151 unique names into the list.

Participants from Senegal, Nepal – and a 16-year-old from Pakistan

New countries on the list include Senegal: Ousmane Gueye qualified for the Nangun All-round Men discipline in Wushu. In the same Medal event, Deepak Hamal of Nepal competed for gold at The World Games. In the Nangun All-round Women competition, Nima Gharti Magar from Nepal competed. Pakistan is now also one of the 106 countries participating in The World Games, and with an athlete who became one of the youngest starters in Birmingham: Ahsan Ramzan from Pakistan won the World Snooker Championship in Doha. At the age of 16! In the final, young Ahsan defeated Amir Sarkhosh from Iran. At the award ceremony, the Vice President of the World Snooker Federation, Jim Leacy, extended an invitation to both the finalists for The World Games 2022.

60-year-old gentleman from Italy

In Billiards, probably the oldest participant in the Birmingham Games qualified: The Italian three-cushion specialist Marco Zanetti wants to coin his silver medal won at The World Games 2017 in Wroclaw, Poland into a golden one. In Cali, Colombia Zanetti won gold, at the Games in Kaohsiung, Chinese Taipei bronze. The „Italian Gentleman Zanetti“ turned 60 on 10th April.

Seven countries with big teams

A total of seven countries secured more than 100 starting places at The World games. These are the USA (352), Germany (300), Italy (238), France (205), Japan (144), Great Britain (118), Switzerland (113) and Ukraine (103).


No parasport federations are currently part of the IWGA, but The World Games in Birmingham was the first edition to include parasports, with the inclusion of wheelchair rugby, and disabled athletes (one per gender) at archery. The IWGA is also aiming to secure a partnership with the International Paralympic Committee and include a quota for para-athletes in sports or events that are not at Paralympic Games program.

Sport selections

For The World Games in 2017 and before, official sports were selected solely by the IWGA. Only sports whose international federations were members of the IWGA could be selected. From 2022, the official sports are selected by both the IWGA and host city and can include some sports whose federations are not part of the IWGA.

The most loyal sports

Sports which have been contested at all editions of The World Games are bowlingfinswimmingtrampoline and tumbling disciplines of gymnasticskaratepowerliftingroller sportstug of war and water skiing.

(source The World Games)

Images and videos of The World Games 2022

Below we will share some videos and images of The World Games 2022. As you will see, there are som more and less common sports (depending on where you are from) that participate at The World Games.

Who won The World Games 2022?

According to the Medal history of The World Games Germany won most medals, followed by USA and Ukraine.

What is The World Games?,The World Games,The World Games 2022

View the full table here

Why is The World Games probably the best event in the world?

Since 1981, The World Games has provided a unique setting for thousands of athletes from different sports and countries to join in a celebration of unity and friendship across all boundaries. The World Games are the main event for all these athletes – one marked by sporting exploits as well as by camaraderie. Even though most of these athletes and sports will never be part of the Olympic Games, this event allows everyone to take part as long as the sport is played around in the world.

The biggest aspect why The World Games should probably be the best event in the world is that is has a great sustainability approach when it comes to venues. We have all experienced the lack of legacy of the football World Cups and the Olympic Games when it comes to building new big venues that are amazing for the events, however not functional after the events. Usually the new big stadiums after the big events either will not be used at all or the are used but only bring an audience of 10% of the full capacity. But at The World Games the host city use their current venues, which also steers a bit of which sports can participate at each World Games.

Another interesting aspect of The World Games is the democratic process of the invitation to and management of the competitions at The World Games that are in the hands of the international sports federations themselves.

Summary of The World Games

During the summer of 2022 another postponed Mega sporting event was held and this article focused on The World Games that was held in Birmingham, USA. The World Games is a multi-sport event for non-Olympic sports because there were few opportunities to become part of the Olympic programme, so non-Olympic federations formed their own showcase event to increase the publicity of their sports, which is called The World Games.

Existing infrastructure and venues in and around the host city are the determining factor in the selection of sports to the Official Sports Program. In addition, the IWGA, in coordination with the host city, can invite some sports to participate in the “invitational” programme.

The World Games is the second largest multi-sport event in the world after the Olympic Games. Competitions at the highest level in a multitude of diverse, popular and spectacular sports make up the mainstay of The World Games. Sports practiced on land, in the air, in and on the water, all concur in the pursuit of “Faster, Higher, Stronger”. 

When and where is the next World Games?

Next up The World Games will be 2025 in Chengdu, China.

How to secure scholarships for leadership in sports clubs

How to secure scholarships for leadership in sports clubs

The spring of 2022 has been great in many ways. But the focus of this article is to share how we secured scholarships to two youth leaders and one adult coach. And not only did we do this to one sports club, we actually did this for two sports clubs.

Scholarships in sports

Did you know that there are millions of money invested into the sports ecosystem through scholarships? And the strangest thing to this is that there are very few people who are aware of these different scholarships.

We follow several important ones and have this spring 2022 helped secured three different ones to two of our sports clubs we work with. And most of these scholarships has the great benefit that some of the scholarship money goes to the club. So actually you are not only providing honor and money to the volunteer, you are actually securing some money to the sports club too.

There are different ways of finding scholarships in sports. Here is one way how to find scholarship. Check out the website of your sports’ federation, as well as your local RF SISU federation as well as your municipality’s leisure department. These usually provide scholarship opportunities for sports clubs. If you dont find anything, contact the specific organization and ask around. In the end, they just need to find an organization in order to get more funding next year.

Youth leaders in sports

Youth leaders are not only important when it comes to getting more coaches in a sports club, it is important in many ways. For example, the possibilities to become a role model to younger kids, the possibility to earn money but also to empower youth with knowledge, respect and prepare them for a professional career.

What we did, was that we helped Tygelsjö IK apply to the local football federation’s scholarship for young leaders who could be a coach, referee or helping out in some way as a leader. As well as we helped Malmö FBC to apply for a similar criteria at Malmö Stad (the municipality in Malmö). The key here is to write a convincing text that matches the criteria as well as showing hard work and making an impact in the club as well as in the society.

Sports coaches

Every year we have tons of people who volunteer their time and energy to sports clubs and especially to youth sports. And every year in the southern district in Sweden, Skåne, there is a collaboration with the sports federation, RF SISU Skåne and the bank, Sparbanken, who has a fund among the banks in Skåne. These two organizations provide scholarships to coaches within youth sports who contributes to a great sporting environment.

This year we managed to write a great nomination to one coach at Malmö FBC and last week we surprised the coach at his practice.

leadership in sports clubs, sports clubs, secure scholarships

The importance of securing funds to volunteers in sports

Why is it important to care about this and are there other benefits?

Well, there are many great benefits. First of all, gratitude and loyalty between the person and your sports club. As well as putting the person forward as a role model to other people in the club’s environment as well as within their own environment. Maybe these scholarships influence their surroundings to start volunteering as well? Other great benefits is that each person receives some money and in several cases even the club too.

Some other great benefits that could be easy to forget is the brand image of the club. Lots of people will now associate each sports club with great leadership and culture in the club. It is a great marketing channel in order to attract new members, new sponsors as well as new volunteers.

Last but not least, you could save these nominations and keep the text and use it as a sample text for new scholarship applications. That will save you time and help you secure more scholarships for leaderships in sports clubs.

Do you want help securing scholarships to your sports club?

Do you also want to simplify and develop your sports club? Do you want to be part of a growing sports organization? Let us help you grow and stay up to date with all tasks.

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Year in review Sportidealisten 2021

Year in review Sportidealisten 2021

Time to share highlights and what we have been doing during 2021. In this article, we are sharing some key moments and steps for Sportidealisten’s development. We had a good start and then we got even stronger when we launched our Virtual Sports Club Office Services. Furthermore, we got some new team members and saw growth and new ways to deliver content and value and this and a bit more will be shared in this article.

Highlights of Sportidealisten 2021

While we all are excited that 2022 is finally here, 2021 was a pretty cool year for us – largely thanks to people like yourself who make us a part of your monthly routine! We couldn’t do all this hard work without your support and commitment. As a tradition, we are now highlighting our year in review including the most popular reads 2021 from you.

The year began with a digital talk to the students at Bosön, where Jakob outlined the sports infrastructure and where and how you could find your career in the sports industry. After the talk, he invited the students into a workshop where the students discussed and shared their perspectives on good and less good interviews experiences and challenges with resumes. If you would like to enjoy the same setup at your class, university or club, contact us and lets see how we could help.

Soon after this we got two new team members, Victoria and Mashal who contributed with our communication and especially social media channels. We launched and shared several personal stories which have been very appreciated by you. A great value in order to better connect future employees and employers in the sports industry and to provide impactful matches between hiring managers and job seekers in sports. And at the end of 2021 we also got on board Yulu, an UX designer who is improving the platform from a user perspective.

Covid-19 has put many people out of work and we have felt intrigued to even work harder than ever before. Our job is to simplify the labour market in the sports industry. Basically our job is to find yours, no matter if it is helping a job seeker finding a job or a sports club to find new employees or getting work done. We want you to feel empowered and excel in the sports industry. For you who are a job seeker, we developed a section on the website called “Develop your career“. You can find everything from career tips, free education, podcast episodes, and sports programs in the Nordics. Since we know how important personal development is, it is crucial to always learn something new every day and we hope that you have had the opportunity to do so.

The biggest milestone of 2021 was our launch of the Virtual Sports Club Office services. Since August we have partnered up and helped some sports clubs to simplify their organisations and develop their management. Thank you Malmö FBC, Malmö Tigers and Tygelsjö IK for your collaboration and your forward thinking mindset. You dare to believe and you are also innovators and together we can develop the labour market in the sports industry.

Lastly, during 2021 we have kept developing and ran the first-ever education for club directors in sports in Sweden together with Sportseminarier. We had a good mix of sports and the clubs were a great spread from around the country thanks to our online format.

Our vision

We believe that all sports bring a lot of engagement and emotions and that is why many of us want to work in sports. Our vision is to have a world where everyone can work with their passion.

I personally want to thank you for being part of Sportidealisten. Without you and your passion, this platform and vision wouldn’t have been the same. I am always saying: it takes a lot of time to find the dream job in sports but also to find and recruit the best candidates. And from the start of Sportidealisten I have wanted to change this and I know that we can change this. Let us keep working to make employment in sports easy, fun and allow more people to work with their passion.

Sportidealisten short Recap 2021

– 3 ➡️ 5 team members
– Launched new services like Virtual Sports Club Office and Resume and career Coaching
– 29% increase in unique visitors to the site
– 185% increase in monthly page views
– 8% increase in newsletter readers
– Spoke in front of a class from Bosön

Top reads 2021

To follow up our tradition we launched 2019 where we share the most popular reads from our newsletters during the past year, here are the top reads 2021. We can conclude that you like topics around:

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Stop dreaming and start doing what you enjoy!
/Jakob Wikenstaal, Founder, Sportidealisten

Life as a communication manager in sports

Life as a communication manager in sports

In this article, we will share about the life as a communication manager in sports. The full story about the life as a communication manager in sports is based on a podcast episode from Sports Views Podcast.

This is a shorter article based on an interview with Søren Højlund Carlsen from the Sport Views Podcast! The sport we are talking about is football. In this episode, you will learn a lot! Actually, you will learn what it takes to become a communications manager and you will also learn what it means to find your dream job. Søren will also share how he and the team made a historic game with a virtual stand.

Helping others is the key as a successful communication manager in sports

In this interview, you will learn what it takes to become a communications manager and you will also learn what it means to find your dream job. Søren will also share how he and the team made a historic game with a virtual stand. And there are of course much more, here are some highlights:

3.27 – Why his first sports memory includes shoes and growing up with the European championships

12.20 – Søren share the problem of losing the future generation

16.28 – He shares how players are reacting to games with fans

20.10 – How to handle a crisis like the Covid-19 as a communications manager?

23.17 – Being creative to still allow partners to the stadium

24.45 – How Søren got into the job as a communications manager

27.55 – Great advice to people who want to work in sports

32.25 – Shares how he reacted when being asked to become the communications manager

38.00 – What Søren does as a communications manager

49.30 – The historic and viral virtual stands

Virtual stands at AGF

See the reaction from the historic game with virtual stands.

Listen to the full episode in the player below or at your podcast player.

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Four tips for a successful cover letter and how to write it

Cowrite, Cover Letter, Successful Cover letter

Want to craft a successful cover letter and learn how to write it? Create the perfect cover letter that takes you closer to your dream job in sports. Save time and at the same time get help from the experts through a technical solution that gives you an edge. In addition to creating and submitting your CV when you apply for a job, it is usually the cover letter that gives you the opportunity to present to yourself. In this post, you get four tips for a successful cover letter and you get tips on how to write a successful cover letter that is tailored to your dream job in sports.

Personligt brev, Cowrite, Cover Letter, Framgångsrikt Personligt brev, Successful Cover letter

Four tips for your successful cover letter

Let’s start by sharing four tips for your successful cover letter in your sports job application. There are a lot of things to think about when it comes to crafting a cover letter, but to give you some help, we have provided 4 tips to create that successful cover letter.

# 1 Write to the right target group, who reads your sports job application?

To begin with, keep in mind that the person who reads your sports job application probably has limited time to devote to each application that comes in. It can be as tough as it is with only 25-30 seconds to make a first impression on the reader. This rule of thumb especially applies to services that many seek. Therefore, it is important that you make your application concrete, concise, attractive and easy to understand. Everything to make it easier for those who read your application.

# 2 Be personal

As it sounds, the cover letter is about you. It is your opportunity to “sell” yourself. While it should be short and concise, it should also arouse interest in you as a person and make you the pink elephant in the room among the other applicants. It is a personal letter, though not a private letter. Thus, you should be personal without becoming too private. In comparison with your CV, this is a forum where you can talk about things that are not included in your CV. Be careful to use clichés and phrases, preferably avoid them altogether.

# 3 What do you contribute?

Do not look too far back in time. Even if you should be able to tell what you have done before to arouse interest in a new job, it is not just a matter of looking in the rearview mirror. Also think about what you can contribute to the organization you are applying to. What exactly can YOU add and create together with them in the future?

# 4 Create a positive feeling

Finally, also think about how you write your cover letter. We all have some bad memory or have made mistakes. Be positive. Try to keep a positive tone, firmly in writing. Try to come up with qualities that are associated with or describe you as a positive person. Once you know what you can add according to # 3, talk about what added value you are contributing with. Throughout the application, you should avoid talking about bad experiences with previous employers or old colleagues. Though you can turn a bad experience into something you did well. So create and contribute with a positive feeling. Simply, nothing remains negative in the application.

Personligt brev, Cowrite, Cover Letter, Framgångsrikt Personligt brev, Successful Cover letter

How to write a successful cover letter

Be sure to read the sports job advertisement carefully and follow the instructions given by the employer. There are a lot of tips to find a sports job, but there are also a few that are unexpected. It may be that the employer wants special documents such as grades, certificates, register documents, etc. must be included in the application. Make sure that your application is complete with all the information that the employer requests. Answer correctly. The employer may have requested how to submit the application. It may be that they want the application to be sent by e-mail or as a letter. The application may need to be addressed to a specific person or department or a reference number may need to be provided on the application.

A smart service that helps you write your cover letter

Does it still feel difficult to know how to start and know when it feels perfect? Now you do not have to guess how to write a successful cover letter, with the help of Cowrite you get the help of experts to create a successful cover letter tailored to the sports job advertisement. Cowrite believes in letting the pros do what they do best. They want sports job seekers to be able to spend less time in front of the computer searching for sports jobs and finding the sports job faster. They have therefore developed a text robot that helps sports job seekers to smoothly write structured and selling cover letters with high quality in a very short time.

Pioneering technical solution gives you an edge

The technology behind Cowrite is as simple as it is ingenious: you answer simple questions about yourself, your background and the job you are looking for, and your answers are seamlessly woven together with prescribed texts from a large database of Cowrite’s advanced algorithms. The texts in the database have been written by professional writers, which means that your cover letter will maintain a very high linguistic quality. Avoid beginner mistakes such as disturbing repetitions, aiming errors and incorrect sentence construction – Cowrite will help you write like the pros!

Save time – both your and the recruiter’s

By using Cowrite’s automated writing service, you save both time and energy. A common tactic to use when you do not have the time, energy or knowledge to write your own letters, is the infamous cut-and-paste method. However, this is quickly seen by recruiters, who read cover letters daily. In rare cases, they are tolerant of this, and you may be called for an interview if you have a really strong CV that fits the sports club’s requirements profile, but usually this seemingly innocent shortcut leads to you being quickly sold out. If you have not even spent time writing a letter adapted for the position you are applying for, why should the recruiter then spend time meeting you?

2 tips to get the dream job in sports
Personligt brev, Cowrite, Cover Letter, Framgångsrikt Personligt brev, Successful Cover letter

Write successful cover letters like the ancient Greeks

How does Cowrite really work? The technologically advanced machinery behind Cowrite may be modern, but the fact is that the basis of cover letters rests on the wisdom of ancient Greece. Even today, the classical rhetorical disposition is unsurpassed when it comes to writing compelling texts. Do you not have a close eye on propositio, argumentatio and conclusio? No danger, this is where Cowrite comes into the picture. The cover letter is basically to be regarded as an argumentative text, where you as a writer must convince the employer that it is you he or she should invest in. Cowrite helps you to dispose your cover letter according to all the rules of art, and you do not have to figure out interesting exordium and inviting peroratio.

Is not a good CV enough?

Of course, it’s great if you have a nice CV with good positions at relevant companies and sports clubs. Your CV is what the recruiter first sees, and it is important that you capture his or her interest. However, a CV is not as lively and dynamic as a cover letter. The cover letter requires more time, reflection and work. When several applicants with similar work experiences apply for the same position, it is not entirely easy to show what makes you unique with the help of just a CV. In the cover letter, you argue why you, of all applicants with a similar profile, should get the sports job.

Highlight your positive experiences from sports

With a passion for sports, you are probably determined, competitive and always give 100% for the team. These personality traits are not only useful in sports, but also sought after by many employers. Therefore, let your positive qualities and experiences from sports shine through in your cover letter when you apply for a sports job! Here, too, Cowrite can help you highlight your strengths and give your cover letter a clear, selling structure.

Create your next cover letter for your dream sports job and try Cowrite for free today!

Writing a cover letter from the beginning usually starts with a blank A4 on the computer, and often ends there as well. Avoid tearing your hair and fussing over wording, grammar and writing cramps and let Cowrite handle the writing instead. Save time and apply for your dream sports job with a professional and successful cover letter.

What could not be better than testing Cowrite today? It costs nothing to try. Do not sit and wait when others are called for an interview – check out Cowrite today and create the first draft. Maybe this is the beginning of your dream job in sports?

Have you finally found your dream job in sports but not dared to apply?

Cowrite’s cover letter writing service helps you maximize your chances before the final sprint!

This is a guest post written by Cowrite.

Personligt brev, Cowrite, Cover Letter, Framgångsrikt Personligt brev, Successful Cover letter

So for your next sports job application, read through the sports job advertisement, create your content, and when you are done, check the grammar and what your application looks like. Finally, go through the sports job advertisement again and see if all the points requested are answered.

Good luck!

The role of a successful coach

The role of a successful coach

In this article, we will follow up with the second part of the story of Rob Haans. A unique athlete with gold medals in three different weight classes and also a successful coach in martial arts. The full story about how to become a successful coach is based on a podcast episode from Sports Views Podcast.

This is a shorter article based on an interview with Dutchman Rob Haans from the Sport Views Podcast! The sports we are talking about are Martial Arts. In this episode, you will learn a lot! Actually, Rob has a great career as a successful athlete as well as a successful coach. Rob will share what it is like to coach and manage people. Rob Haans also talks about how he developed one of the greatest national teams and the importance och human coaching,

Human coaching is the key to becoming a successful coach

In this second part of the interview, you will learn that you can start your coaching career early in life. Rob shares how the Dutch team talked about the Swedish team and you will also learn more about the role of a coach. Rob will also share what he fears and what he wants to change in Jujitsu. And of course much more, here are some highlights:

5.03 – What’s the difference between military and coaching?

7.40 – What’s the difference between a coach and an athlete?

11.05 – How to coach every athlete individually

13.18 – How is it to coach a national team when you are from another country?

18.30 – How team Sweden found their key to success

22.25 – How to get to know the athletes better

42.43 – Best career advice

1.07.30 – Discover what superpower Rob would have if he could pick one

1.09.24 – How Rob uses his curiosity to develop himself

Rob’s question to you: How can we help each other to get the sports world stronger from this pandemic? What good examples have you seen in sports?

🎬 Movies to watch:

🚴‍♂️ The Least Expected Day

🏀  The Last Dance

📚 Books to read:

Open: An Autobiography

Tiger Woods

If you want to get a great overview of Rob’s successful career, you better check out this video

Listen to the full episode in the player below or at your podcast player.

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Insights as a sports club consultant from SAIF

SAIF, Linnea Asservik

The Swedish University Sports Federation (SAIF), is a Special Sport Confederation (SF) that works with student sports at a national level. As a confederation, they primarily work with students at universities, colleges and adult education centers in Sweden who are interested in being physically active. Now they have recruited a new colleague, Linnea Asservik as a new sports club consultant. Get to know more about her and the role below.

One of our collaboration partners, SAIF have after the summer and the holidays 2021, expanded its office. New to the team is Linnea Asservik who will work as a sports club consultant!

This post is originally written here.

Welcome Linnea Asservik

Linnea Asservik is for many within Studentidrotten a well-known face where she as a member of Studentidrotten was involved at Halmstad Studenters Idrottsförening for several years. Among other things, as chairman for one year. Right now she lives in Gothenburg where she also grew up with sports as an obvious part of life. Here is a short interview with her:

I grew up in a sports-crazy family far out in the country a bit outside Kungälv. As an adult, I have moved around a lot but have now landed in Stenungsund, which is almost home. I am a YES sayer who loves to have several things going on at the same time. And I got a bachelor’s degree from Halmstad University, as a Health Educator / Behavioral Scientist, where I focused on sports, says Linnea to SAIF’s website.

SAIF, Linnea Asservik

Student sports

What is your background in Student Sports?

During my studies in Halmstad, a classmate (who was then chairman of Halmstad Student Sports Association, HSIF) noticed my interest in football. I was coached to take over as project manager for their association Student League, which of course I said YES to. After this year, the chairman of HSIF needed to move and I then had the opportunity to take over. Together with a bunch of other super-committed students, we ran the association for a year. This was the most fun period during my studies there.

Already during her time at HSIF, Linnea was in contact with SAIF, where she took part in a board training on-site in Stockholm. She says that she immediately saw a future in working with sports clubs. Now she has made her first days and she says she has found the right place.

It feels incredibly good! The team here has been very welcoming and curious about my thoughts and experiences. I think we will have fun together. It has been a dream for me to work with sports clubs for a long time so I am super thrilled!

Sports club consultant

What is your opinion about the role as a sports club consultant since you have been in contact with that role a lot when you were at HSIF?

There was always so much commitment and joy from the club consultants that I had contact with during my studies. They had a desire to contribute their skills while they were always super curious about our thoughts and ideas. We had the opportunity to attend several educations and also apply for several financial support that really contributed to developing the club, says Linnea.

Now she hopes to be able to take her knowledge and skills, combined with her experience of sports club life to help SAIF’ clubs forward.

I hope to be able to contribute with the experiences I have from the time “on the other side” as a student. I hope to be able to convey the joy I find in student sports to students, clubs and the whole team at SAIF, Linnea concludes.

During the spring of 2021, SAIF had the intern Jonas Fridell who has shared his experiences on SAIF’s website, which we will share a bit here.

Get your next internship at one of the most exciting sports places in Sweden, SAIF.

Get involved with SAIF and apply for an internship

How to become a successful athlete

How to become a successful athlete, Successful athlete, Rob Haans

In this article, we will share the story of Rob who is a unique athlete with gold medals in three different weight classes and the importance of following your own drive to have fun in sports and specifically in martial arts. The full story about how to become a successful athlete is based on a podcast episode from Sports Views Podcast.

This is a shorter article based on an interview with the Dutch Rob Haans from the Sport Views Podcast! The sports we are talking about are Martial Arts. In this episode, you will learn a lot! Actually, Rob has a great career as a successful athlete as well as a successful coach. Rob will share what it is like to train, train and train but also how to deal with injuries and getting back to win everything. Rob Haans also talks about finding passion in everything you do and that prioritizing and planning are key to his successes.

The team is the key to becoming a successful athlete

In this first part of the interview with Rob Haans, you will learn that it is possible to change your sport in your late teenagers and you will also learn that you can take a long break and get back into the sport successfully. Rob will also share why he changed weight classes 3 times and won gold at all of them! Furthermore, Rob will share why the team is key for success and that planning will help you find time to relax. And of course much more, here are some highlights in the conversation:

8.20 – Rob’s first sports memory is when he cried at the first judo classes

13.10 – From his first judo classes at 5 years old to the injury that changed him

20.10 – Got invited to the national team

22.20 – What Judo and Jujitsu are

26.40 – His first international medals and then why he took a 4 years break and made a comeback in a new weight class

39.30 – The feeling of changing a weight class a third time

49.00 – How does a day look like for an athlete

59.35 – Why his passion is to compete and being nervous

1.08.45 – The memorable sports object, his first gi (gear), with a special feature

If you want to get a great overview of Rob’s successful career, you better check out this video

Listen to the full episode in the player below or at your podcast player.

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Swedish sports club join Sportidealisten’s Virtual Sports Club Office

Malmö FBC, Virtual Sports Club Office, Sportidealisten

The Swedish top sports club, Malmö FBC, have signed a contract to use Sportidealisten’s service Virtual Sports Club Office. The floorball club, Malmö FBC, have made new a acquisition and strengthened the club’s children and youth activities by having contracted Sportidealisten as Youth Manager. Sportidealisten will support and focus on the children and youth section in the club, and work to ensure that everyone has the chance to play floorball and that Malmö FBC is the obvious choice as a meeting place for everyone.

Sportidealisten are happy to announce a new partnership with an inspiring sports club in Malmo, Sweden. Malmö Floorball Club have a big member base with lots of youth as well as two senior teams in the top divisions. The board of the club were looking for a new approach to take their club to the next level and found good value in Sportidealisten’s service Virtual Sports Club Office. The conclusion was that they needed to divide their tasks in the club to different people and that is where Sportidealisten’s service could come in a good fit to solve their needs.

Malmö FBC, Virtual Sports Club Office, Sportidealisten, Contract

Malmö Floorball Club (FBC) are innovators and together with Sportidealisten common values are shared when it comes to working smarter and trying new approaches that haven’t been done before. Malmö FBC’s vision is:

“Malmö Floorball Club is a lifestyle that, with passion and commitment, creates the boundless meeting place where personal dreams, diversity and entrepreneurial spirit are encouraged”

The Swedish top sports club, Malmö FBC, will strengthen the club’s children and youth activities with the support of Sportidealisten as a Youth Manager. Sportidealisten will support and focus on the children and youth section in the club, and work to ensure that everyone has the chance to play floorball and that Malmö FBC is the obvious choice as a meeting place for everyone.

Malmö Floorball Club is a sports club that chooses to make a difference! They believe in what they do and constantly challenge themselves. The feeling that everything is possible and the feeling of being able to be yourself and realize your personal dreams, are things that Malmö FBC wants to convey to everyone who in one way or another are involved with the club.

Malmö FBC, Virtual Sports Club Office

About Malmö FBC

On March 8th, 2007, Malmö FBC was formed. After a long process between board representatives from two former floorball clubs IBF Backalirarna and IK Stanstad, Stanstad’s members decided at an extra annual meeting to move Stanstad’s men’s team (div 2) to the city of Malmo, Sweden. Malmo, as a floorball resort, had long been a shadow on the floorball map and the two sports clubs wanted to create something bigger. This was the birth of Malmö FBC.

Malmö Floorball Club is a sports club with both a grassroots and elite focus, where the women’s / girls ‘and men’s / boys’ activities are given equal priority. Today, the gender distribution in floorball in Sweden is about 70% boys and 30% girls, but Malmö FBC believes that it can be 50/50 with the right attitude.

Sportidealisten supports the vision of Malmö FBC

Malmö FBC, Virtual Sports Club Office, Partnership

“We are extremely excited to be a part of Malmö FBC. To be able to work for the sport I myself was raised up with and to be able to develop and contribute my lessons learned to leaders and players will be fun. We are looking forward to contribute and convey the societal benefits of sports to one of Malmö’s largest sports clubs. Getting to inspire tomorrow’s generation and being able to combine this with the sport I am most passionate about is very motivating”.

Jakob Wikenstaal, Founder, Sportidealisten

We are happy to start the collaboration with Sportidealisten who starts as a resource for our role as Youth Manager, one of the key roles in our club. We will gain cutting-edge expertise in the organization and build a long-term relationship with great opportunities for both parties.

Mats-Ola Nimgård, President, Malmö FBC

We are excited to be part of this journey with you Malmö FBC and let us enable more sports for the youth!

Here you can read the Swedish announcement from Malmö FBC.

Would you like to learn more about Virtual Sports Club Office and other services for sports clubs, please find more information for Sports Employers here.

The SportsTech behind the athletes’ road to the Olympics

SportsTech, Olympics

During the summer of 2021, the Olympic Games was held. Despite a special Olympics with no fans attending, the athletes made great competitions and broke many records. One thing that is getting more and more popular to talk about is what helps athletes to go higher, faster, better and together. One of the secrets to this is SportsTech. In this article, we will break down some behind the scenes from the athletic successes by sharing the SportsTech that was behind many of the athletes in the Olympic Games.

What is SportsTech?

There are several ways to explain what SportsTech is and one of the ways to explain it is described by Daniel Marcus at Forbes, where he writes that SportsTech has emerged as a viable sub-sector in the tech space. SportsTech combines two things that the general population views as “sexy”, startups/technology and sports.

In 2018, the SportsTech sector generated an estimated $2.5 Billion in venture capital funding with some estimating that number growing to over $30 Billion by 2024. Moreover, the definition of what qualifies or is considered to be SportsTech only continues to grow. When people think of the term SportsTech, they think of different kinds of wearables, media platforms like The Athletic or Overtime, and probably e-sports and gambling technologies. There was a point where the term “SportsTech” would prompt eye rolls from people like Daniel Marcus – there was a pervasive sense that the sports industry was grasping at something that simply wasn’t there. However, the space has evolved over the past few years, as SportsTech is no longer limited to the traditional areas mentioned earlier in this article, as SportsTech now includes (or at least should) – not just technology that has applications in sports but technology where sports can be used as a vehicle or a platform for the success of the company.

SportsTech is the intersection of sports and technology

To put it simply, sports tech is the intersection of sports and technology. In other words, when technology is used to create a solution in the realm of sports, it falls under the umbrella of SportsTech. Think of solutions that have changed the way athletes compete or help them improve their performance or even new ways of engaging sports fans — that’s all SportsTech.

SportsTech is here to stay and to help athletes train better and win competitions (and make money) while delivering better experiences for fans. So let us have a look at what SportsTech was part of the Olympic Games 2021.

SportsTech help athletes train better

San Francisco-based asensei helped the British rowing team prepare (see video below) with its connected coaching platform. The company raised another $2.2M to build out a library of exercises including rowing, yoga, pilates, rehabilitation, kettlebells, and TRX. 

Los Angeles-based StreamRecap produces “instant automatic highlights” for high school and college athletes that help with training and recruiting. The company was one of 10 winners of this year’s NBCU SportsTech Accelerator getting exclusive access to teams and Olympic coverage this year.

Other coaching platforms with recent successes include: 

  • New York-based Obe Fitness, which raised $15M for its “personality-driven” exercise platform; 
  • New York-based Citytrow, which raised $12M for its at-home digital platform and chain of rowing studios.
  • Grand Rapids, Mich.-based MaxOne, which raised $3.5M from NBA point guard Chris Paul and others for its system that allows coaches to upload training videos for players;
  • Seattle-based Boost Sport, which raised $1.3M for its AI-powered video analysis software; and 
  • Palo Alto, Calif.-based SwingVision, which was named the official shot-tracking technology for Australian tennis after raising $120k from pro tennis player Andy Roddick and others.
  • SevenSix, the winner of the Nordic Sports Innovation Challenge 2020.

Emerging platforms for more general audiences include A-Champs and Utah-based Freeplay.

SportsTech improves an athlete’s performance and recovery

Other SportsTech companies are upgrading the equipment athletes use to train and recover.

Two other NBCU accelerator winners include Atlanta-based swim apparel maker Ane Swim, which creates swim caps designed to make the water more appealing for diverse audiences; and Ohio-based Safety Skin, which sells reflective skin to improve roadside safety.

Houston-based GRIND raised $250k from Mark Cuban and others for its basketball hoop that passes the ball back to you. France-based Stendo is developing technology to help athletes recover faster by sending “cardio-synchronized massages” through an IoT-enabled bodysuit.

Oura ring is a $300 Sleep Tracker That Provides Tons of Data.

Oura ring, SportsTech

SportsTech can also apply mental training

Mental health took center stage at this year’s Olympics Games, providing opportunities for startups focused on the mental side of sports.

Swimmer Michael Phelps, the most decorated Olympian in history, recently joined the board of Australian technology startup Medibio, which uses data technology to help those dealing with depression and anxiety.

Medibio, SportsTech

The Indian Olympic Association partnered with Dhyana, a meditation-tracking startup that uses a ring to track a user’s heart rate variability, to help all of its athletes focus on their mental wellbeing.

New York-based Sharper Sense developed a “sensory patch” that sends electrical signals into an athlete’s body to improve awareness and reaction time. Denver-based GameSense trains baseball players to recognize pitches faster, and Arete offers personalized mental training and support from an “AI-powered wellbeing coach.”

SportsTech also help athletes making money

SportsTech startups are also using tech to help athletes monetize their passion.

Toronto-based Eon Media, another NBCU SportTech Accelerator winner, helped the U.S cycling and swimming teams understand the exposure they’ll get during the Olympics through its AI-enabled video platform.

London-based SportsIcon helps athletes create “one-of-a-kind, inalterable digital memorabilia” for fans to buy, while Own The Moment works to build “the Bloomberg for NFTs.” Both companies are part of this year’s Techstars Sports Tech accelerator.

Tokyo-based Ventus Inc., which allows people to support teams and athletes by buying digital trading cards, has partnered with the Japan Sumo Association.

Influencer culture is expanding, with some estimating that brands will spend up to $15 billion on influencer marketing by 2022. Antourage allows sports organisations to leverage influencers, or super fans, to create interesting, engaging content. 

Min Fotboll, ‘We’re in the game now’: How Sportswik helped the SvFF connect Swedish football from top to bottom. Min Fotboll allows football clubs at the grassroots level to live stream their games and enable friends and family to follow every step on the pitch.

Min Fotboll, SportsTech

SportsTech improves the fan experience

SportsTech startups across the globe are creating new ways for fans to enjoy live sports, too, as well as athletes road to the Olympics. 

Because international spectators were banned from this year’s Olympics Games, there wasn’t much need for the fleet of robots that stood ready to help fans navigate the venues. But Perth-based Komo Digital partnered with the Australian Olympic Committee to create the country’s first virtual fan hub

GreenPark Sports raised $14M for its social sports platform. The company, which was founded in 2018 by former execs at YouTube and Zappos, recently entered a partnership with the NBA so fans can outfit in-game avatars with jerseys and hats of their favorite teams.

Meanwhile, Buzzer raised $20M from pro sports legends Michael Jordan and Wayne Gretzky, among others, for its live-sports service that aggregates streaming rights to give users an all-in-one-app experience.

The Sonar Company recently raised $1M from Philadelphia 76ers coach Doc Rivers and others to use ultrasonic tones to communicate with fan devices. For example, instead of displaying a QR code for fans to scan on their TV, future broadcasts could play a tone only recognized by enabled devices.

A host of AR companies—including Paris-based Immersiv.io and Bangalore, India-based Edisn.ai are working to bring stats and other information to fans as they watch games.

Want to take grassroots sports to the next level? Joymo have created an innovative fixed installed camera system, the Livecaster Pro, which brings automatic action tracking and higher resolution detail and when combined with the Joymo platform elevates and empowers everyday superstars.

What’s next for SportsTech and the Olympic Games?

Esports continue to await their Olympic debut

Ahead of the 2028 Olympic Games in Los Angeles, a local cleantech accelerator is pushing for California to win a “gold medal for clean air” by boosting electric vehicle use. 

Meanwhile, in Brisbane, which hosts the 2032 Games, entrepreneurs are already mulling economic opportunities in tech.

Curious to learn more about SportsTech, you should read how sports technology has changed physical activity.

SportsTech, Olympics, Athletes

Should I outsource or hire in sports? Here are the pros and cons

Should I outsource or hire in sports? Here are the pros and cons

When you are in a situation where you need to increase your staff, you are also faced with a choice between several options. But question is, what is the best option for your organization? Should you ask your employees and volunteers to do a bit more? Or maybe you should hire a new employee? Maybe renting or outsourcing could be the optimal option? One of the aspects to look at is what is most profitable financially. In the sports world, we know how difficult this situation is and that usually we think it is too challenging to think about anything else than hiring or not hiring. With this article, we will help you keep track.

To hire in sports – more costs, but cheaper in the long run

When you hire in sports, you take on a great deal of responsibility and make an investment financially. Not only do you pay salary once a month, but also a variety of other costs. First and foremost, you pay for the often time-consuming recruitment process. Once you have hired someone, there is an employer contribution for each salary, pension costs and costs such as holiday and sickness compensation. Therefore, you as an employer even pay when the employee is unable to work. However, you do not need to add any extra compensation to a staffing company och consultancy, which usually means that it can be cheaper in the long run and you control everything internally.

outsourcing in sports,hire in sports
outsourcing in sports,hire in sports

For outsourcing and renting in sports – fewer costs and needs-based

When you rent staff or outsourcing your tasks, you usually pay a fixed hourly cost to the staffing company. This is generally more expensive than with an employment – on the other side there are many costs you will avoid. When you rent someone, it is the staffing company and not you who is the employer. This means that you hand over everything from salaries and employer contributions and various benefits to them. In addition, you can think more of needs-based, which means, you only need to get in new people during the period when it is actually needed instead of all year round. This means that you will only pay for the time that the staff is actually at the workplace and working, while you save time (which is also money) as you do not have to think about administration and recruitment.

outsourcing in sports,hire in sports
outsourcing in sports,hire in sports

What is most profitable depends on your needs

In terms of cost, there are both pros and cons to both alternatives. What is most economical for you simply depends on your needs in your sports organization. If you are looking for recruiting in sports for a long time to come and do not have large shifts in the workload, it can be most advantageous to hire staff in the sports industry. If you have a more varied need, where workloads vary season to season, then you would benefit to have people for a shorter period, which renting or outsourcing would be your best option. This is perfect if you want to avoid spending time and money on the administration, you have a lot to gain from hiring staff or outsourcing your workload.

outsourcing in sports,hire in sports

Additional benefits with outsourcing in sports

If you get an assignment but do not have staff to carry it out, you get zero costs, but at the same time zero income because you don’t have people to carry out the work. When you as an organization really need that income you will be willing to pay more to really get the skills the work demands. When time is short and there is a big opportunity to bring in new income to the sports club renting or outsourcing could be a great investment in order to develop the sports club’s strategic priorities and ambitions.

Here are some additional benefits that could guide you in your future decisions:

A way to meet tougher international competition. “Everyone chases time and has shorter and shorter foresight. Orders and deliveries, everything should be done in less time. If you do not complete the assignment, someone else will take over ”.

• Expert help when recruiting. Faster and easier to get the right skills. Opportunity to test staff and hire employees that you are happy with. You avoid costs for incorrect recruitment.

The staffing/outsourcing company pays for long-term sick leave, rehabilitation and work clothes.

Get help to organize and streamline operations.

Cheaper to rent than hire fixed-term staff.

• Acquires freedom of appeal. It takes time and commitment to bring in and get rid of your own employees. Smaller personnel departments are required.

• Staffing and outsourcing companies like Sportidealisten are better than the National Public Employment Service at matching jobs with employees.

outsourcing in sports,hire in sports

Curious to learn more about how you could benefit from outsourcing or hiring in sports?

Head over to our page for Sports Employers here

The gig economy in the sports industry

Gig economy, Sports industry, Sports Clubs

The gig economy in the sports industry

One of the things that will change the workforce in 5 years is the “gig economy”. It is all about working with different projects instead of one full-time job. Your next coach or sports marketer might stay with you for 6 months and then move further. Even though the gig economy is new to many sports clubs and workers in the sports industry, a lot of them have understood that they need to work differently in the near future to keep up with the fast-paced technological developments. In this article, we will go through the concept of the gig economy, the benefits for an employer, the trends for the labor market and the hottest jobs right now.

The gig economy at The World Economic Forum

At The World Economic Forum’s inaugural Pioneers of Change Summit where innovative leaders and entrepreneurs from around the world showcase their solutions, build meaningful connections and inspire change across the Forum’s diverse multistakeholder communities, four things were mentioned as changes of how we work in 5 years. One of these is the “gig economy”.

What is the gig economy?

The gig economy is quite similar to what we are used to calling freelancing, it’s basically the idea that the old economy was one of freelancing. Back in the days, people had their full-time jobs but every now and then they did some freelancing jobs. The new economy and ways of working, gig economy provide a platform for ad hoc tasks to be completed by freelance workers but instead of having a full-time job, freelancing is the new full-time job.

There are more and more opportunities now through new platforms for people to engage in freelancer work at every type of scale except the sports industry. These new platforms and opportunities can be done once a day, once a week.

The gig economy in the sports industry

How would it look like? If you would work within the gig economy you could continuously be shifting between employers, let’s say, working for a few hours for IOC, then switching to UEFA, then doing maybe a few hours for FIBA or Bayern Munich (this could obviously be within national sports organizations too).

Entrepreneurs in the sports industry

Being a gig economy worker could actually look like the life as an entrepreneur. You need to drive where you think you are going to find more work. We know people do what we call multi-homing, they switch between platforms. But at the same time, we see an attempt to try to streamline and create a more consistent vision of where things are going.

However, looking at the former freelancing setup working full-time and then freelance every now and then, the gig economy has now turned into more of a passion. People who joined the gig economy started to supplement their income. Maybe they added one more shift or tried to pay for their vacation, but actually more people are realizing that they actually enjoy it and enjoy the flexibility that comes with it. So, the question is if we will see more gig workers in the sports industry in the near future since the passion for sports is a common thing within the sports sector.

The growth of the gig economy in the sports industry

The European project, ESSA-Sport that was concluded in October 2019, with research aimed to create a debate within the sector on the key issues of skills and workforce development, contained some interesting insights about entrepreneurship. Even though the labor market in the European sports industry is mostly built up with employed staff there is another way to work too. With a comparison between 2011 and 2018, the labor market in the sports industry saw a rise in self-employed people. Taking into consideration this growth, we could expect a change with more gig workers in the sports industry in the coming 5 years too.

The sports labor market in Europe 2011
Employed: 81.8%
Self-Employed: 18.2%

The sports labor market in Europe 2018
Employed: 79.2%
Self-Employed: 20.8%


From another study made by the Boston Consulting Group, The New Freelancers – Tapping Talent in the Gig Economy, the use of gig economy platforms has increased quite a lot, especially in some bigger countries and economics. There is still a huge majority who use the gig economy as their secondary income however more and more are adopting the life as a gig worker as a primary income source.

Future of work, sports industry, sports club, gig economy
Image: Boston Consulting Group

Two things you need to know about the gig economy right now

The World Economic Forum mentions two things you might know about the gig economy.

First, that it’s big. In 2019, roughly one-in-10 workers in the UK earned a living in the gig economy. In the US, the equivalent figure was an estimated 8%. According to the World Economic Forum, there was a pan-African survey 2019 that showed that 1.3% of adult Africans now earn money from gig economy platforms (the online companies that provide the work). More and more statistics show that there is an increase all over the world working in this way.

Second, the World Economic Forum mentions that the jobs being created are not necessarily of good quality. There are several struggles for workers due to the way that the platform’s work is organised. There seem to be a number of undesirable outcomes for workers – who can suffer from low pay, wage theft, precariousness, dangerous working conditions and discrimination. Not only that the working condition could seem horrible, when any of these issues arise, platforms simply tend to point to the fact that they aren’t responsible. They tend instead to present themselves as a simple intermediary rather than an entity that has the ability to shape actual on-the-ground working conditions.

The benefits of the gig economy

What we mentioned earlier in the article gig workers didn’t only work for the necessity of earning enough money for the vacation, workers also realized the great benefits the gig economy offers with tremendous flexibility for workers and employers.

For employers, this is a benefit because it gives them flexibility and it allows them to have more workers working fewer hours, and it protects them from having to provide health insurance or higher rates of pay.

The gig economy offers more or less agility to employers that must adapt to unexpected challenges every now and then and it also provides freedom to workers who want flexible and remote work arrangements. Embracing this working style can help employers and freelancers to succeed in the future of work, no matter where or when that happens.

Is your sports club ready for the gig economy?

According to The World Economic Forum’s inaugural Pioneers of Change Summit, one of the things that will change the workforce in 5 years is the ”gig economy”, where innovative leaders and entrepreneurs from around the world showcase their solutions, build meaningful connections and inspire change across the Forum’s diverse multistakeholder communities. Another change for the next 5 years is “Remotopia, head over here to learn more about if your sports club is part of “Remotopia”?

As a sports club finding great talent could be a challenge, especially if the club is a small sports club. Most sports clubs in the Nordic sports industry are volunteer-driven which makes it even harder to find great talent. Everyone in a local sports club volunteers their time to make sure sports activities can be provided in the neighborhood or in the city they live in. However, time is always a big challenge in the sports industry.

What if a sports club could bring in a freelancer for a limited time helping them in the most stressful period of the season. This would of course be a cost but looking at the outcome of getting in another person could actually become an investment for the club. If you are limited to only spend 5 hours work, you will only be able to gain x amount of revenue, however, getting additional 5 hours could mean a bigger revenue for the club.

Another way to think about the benefits of the gig economy in the sports industry is when you applied and received funds for a new development project from your municipality or sports federation. When this happens you will always need to add a project manager to handle this new project. This is also an example of freelancers in the sports industry, working for a limited time.

Still not sure if this would suit your sports club? A good example of onboarding a new colleague or freelancer is to know what tasks should be done, what expectations your club has and what resources and time the potential colleague or freelancer has. With clear objectives and job descriptions, less time will be spent on onboarding and more time on developing the sports club and its revenues.

So is your sports club ready for the gig economy?

Find great people in the sports industry with a gig job

The gig economy is perfect for the sports industry for ad hoc tasks to be completed when time is not an option. And time is our biggest opponent in the sports labor market. If you feel that you and your sports club are stressed out or you are in need of getting more tasks done, let us know.

If you need help finding your next hire and want help finding a great future employee no matter if it is remote or not, Sportidealisten can help you. We know that finding the best candidates and sports job isn’t as easy as in many other industries and it takes a lot of time. That is why we are changing this, a niched platform where you can only find candidates and jobs from the sports industry.

Do you want to recruit in a smart way? Are you part of a growing sports organization and want to be part of our platform? We have daily new sports job seekers. Join today by posting a sports job free of charge.


Is your sports club part of “Remotopia”? Check out here