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Sportidealisten is a sports job platform in order to help you find your dream job in sports or find your dream candidate.

Furthermore, we provide sports jobs, ideas, inspiration and great lessons from the sports field.

We want you to feel empowered and ready for a successful career in the sports industry.

Our Vision

We believe that all sports bring a lot of engagement and emotions and that is why many of us want to work in sports.
Our vision is to have a world where everyone can work with their passion.

Our Mission

Sportidealisten was founded with the mission to connect future employees and employers in the sports industry and to provide impactful matches between hiring managers and job seekers in sports. Our job is to find yours. We want to make it as easy as possible to find the dream job but also to save hiring organizations time when finding their next hire.

Together we allow more people to work with their passion

At Sportidealisten we know that finding a sports job isn’t as easy as many other jobs and there are few platforms where you can find sports jobs. It takes a lot of time to find the dream job in sports but also to find and recruit the best candidates. We want to change this. We want to make employment in sports easy, fun and allow more people to work with their passion.

Though most of us have a passion for sports, you need not be a sports fanatic to fit in. Below you find our values and partners who align with some of them and share our vision. We unite our efforts to create a better workplace in the sports world fuelled by our love of people, sports, desire to make a mark, and positive energy across our civilization.

Our Values

At Sportidealisten we believe that working with a passion makes you work in a sustainable way. With this, we mean that you want to work at that job forever and that you hopefully will not feel tired and forced to go to work. Working for a long time will be and feel better if it is something you are interested in. One great example to understand and identify your passion is to think about what values you align with. At Sportidealisten, we strongly believe in values like Transparency, Innovative Mindset, Open-Minded, Trust, Inspiration and Loyalty.


By being open, transparent and honest on a regular basis with our stakeholders, we believe that we work without ever risking anyone’s privacy.

Innovative Mindset

We believe that innovative minds bring us new knowledge and success. At Sportidealisten, we learn by discovering new things and experiences every day. We get excited about new ideas and react to them fast by testing them out.


If you don’t dare to ask a question it is hard to move forward. By staying curious and asking questions we believe that we can be faster and never miss out on any opportunity.


We believe that fair play is not only a thing on the pitch, fair play is key to gain trust and building great relationships.


We work hard and we wake up everyday with new inspiration to become better than yesterday. We always believe that we make an impact and inspire you to achieve your dream.


Teamwork is not only built on trust, we also need each other to build long lasting relationships. By being loyal to our colleague or teammate we know that we can come far and that no one is alone.

Our Partners

Together we create a better workplace in the sports world fuelled by our love of people, sports, desire to make a mark, and positive energy across our civilization.



We Activate,
Accelerate and Elevate
the Cultural and Creative
Industries. Learn more here.



We create new knowledge for the sports industry’s decision makers through conferences and training. Learn more here.

NYSA Sweden

We are a socially inspired organisation dedicated to the future of Youth Sports development. Learn more here.

SAIF, Sveriges Akademiska Idrottsförbund

Sveriges Akademiska Idrottsförbund

We develop, coordinate and represent Swedish student sport through competitions, education and advocacy activities nationally and internationally. Learn more here.

Sport Views Podcast

The sports podcast, Sport Views Podcast gives you perspectives you never heard before from the sports world. Interesting conversations with unique people and stories from the sports world. Basically, an exciting journey behind the sports front stage.

Be a part of our accelerating growth journey with a revolutionary service. We are diverse, open-minded and have a laid-back atmosphere, but with a performance-driven culture at its core.

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Do you also share the vision and the priorities as a Sportidealist? If yes, it is all about the greater good, which makes you loyal, an inspiration and a trustworthy person when you meet people like us with common values.

We are also always curious and open to new ideas. To explore how we can work together, please get in touch.

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