Develop your career in the sports industry today. Save time to find your dream job now.

We know that finding a sports job isn’t as easy as in many other industries and it takes a lot of time and energy. That is why we are changing this, a niched platform where you can only find jobs from the sports industry.

Do you want to take the next step in your career? Do you want to work with your passion? We got you covered. At Sportidealisten we share educational resources, career advice, career coaching and resume feedback.

Ready to take a closer step to your dream job in sports?

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What job seekers say about Sportidealisten

I would like to thank the Sportidealisten team for the great amount of support they have provided me. I completed my master’s in the middle of the pandemic and was finding it difficult to find the right internship opportunity to kick start my career. The team at Sportidealisten helped me to find the right opportunity to understand my skill sets and experiences.

I will surely spread the word about the Sportidealisten among my friends and classmates and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for an opportunity in the sports industry.


How Sportidealisten Will Help You

You know that you want to work in the sports industry. It is clear. You have a passion and you want to live from it. But in which position exactly?

Did you know that applying for the wrong job might have a strong negative impact on your career path? Avoid a bad reputation by building a strong career path.

It is time to take control of your career and finding the job you really enjoy. Sportidealisten is here to help you get closer to that dream job in sports. We got several options you could take in order to take the next step towards your dream job in sports.

Below you will find how Sportidealisten can help you:

Vacant Sports Jobs

Check out vacant sports jobs to view opportunities in sports for all stages of your career.

Resume Coaching Services

It is always about you, and we all need that support. When applying for a sports job you will need to go through several processes and we are here to help you.

Take control over your resume and be sure your job applications are made out of quality. Not sure what to add or think about your resume, don’t worry, we got your back. Sportidealisten helps you review your CV and/or your cover letter and provide you professional feedback.

Career Coaching in the Sports Industry

Are you considering a new job? Do you want to better identify your strengths and how you can take your next steps in the sports industry? Want to bounce ideas about your career in the sports industry? With our coaching sessions, we can provide you the right tools in order to boost your confidence and strengthening your unique selling point (USP).

We enjoy the passion each individual brings to the table. However, being “too passionate” can be your worst added value. Sports organizations are not looking for candidates who say they are “passionate” about the sport or the job (because that’s not a unique selling point: 99% of the candidates will probably have the same argument). What sports clubs are looking for is a candidate with a clear vision of what you can bring to the organization. Do you want to show credibility in your application? Make sure that you are applying to the correct sports club at the right position. Work on your life goals, USP and build a clear career plan.

We’ll help you find the right job for you!

Sports Newsletter and Sports Jobs Alert

Not seeking a new role but want to be open to opportunities and learn the latest in sports anyway? Simply join our newsletter or join our jobs alert 🙂

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Upskill in the Sports Industry

Ever since the start of the pandemic, we need to help each other more than ever. Jobs are hard to find in the sports industry. In order to support you in your journey to the dream job, we deliver one place where you can develop your skills or even upskill what you already know. All of this education we share is online, which makes it as easy as possible to access and most of it is for free. Yes for free!

Gain new perspectives and knowledge in sports

Every month we post new quality content about news, career advice and lessons learn from the sports industry in order to empower your journey to the dream job.

Let us support the sports community together.

If you are unsure whether you can benefit from the platform, contact us. We are more than happy to help with any questions or concerns, you might have.

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– 51% of job seekers say they prefer finding job opportunities on online job sites.
– 45% hear about job openings from friends.
– 35% go to a company’s site.

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We help you with Sports Career services in the sports industry

Sportidealisten gives you the power to find your own compass directly from the sports field without expecting you to know where to go. With our experience and network, we are here to support you on your journey to that dream job in sports. Sportidealisten provides you a place where you can develop your career.

We call this being flexible, adaptable and quality assurance.

How does this help you? Because you can decide how you want to manage and run your sports job application process.

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Resume Coaching Services

Do you want to get a sports job? Don’t you know where to start? Have you applied to many jobs but getting rejected?

We are here to help you better understand the basics of writing a CV and cover letter.

Let us improve your chances to getting a job in the sports industry.

Get help with your resume today. Get a review of your CV or cover letter.

Head over to our resume services to find our guides of how to shape up your job applications.

Career Coaching Services

Do you have general questions about your employability in sports? Are you not sure what you can do to get a sports job? Or do you also want that support and guidance to better know where you are today and can do tomorrow?

Get coached and guided by us. We can talk about your journey, whats skills you have today and what you can do to gain more skills tomorrow.

Our coaching services can help you whenever you’re in a tight spot with a job application process, in between jobs or when you’re looking for the next step: maybe bouncing ideas, assessing your passion or skills, or a bit of everything.

Guaranteed help

We believe that each person is unique and that our services can save you time and that our services can empower your journey to the dream job. For us, you as a client are our priority, and therefore providing quality services is key for us. One way we provide you with added value is a guaranteed happiness policy. There is no limit to how many calls and reviews you can do at Sportidealisten. For us, we know that confidence and patience are important and if you are not satisfied with our services we can schedule a new session free of charge. That is fair play according to us, providing you with good service and making sure you get what you need.

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What job seekers say about Sportidealisten

Sportidealisten are incredibly professional, accurate and committed in their assessment. They dare to give constructive criticism and at the same time come up with their own suggestions for improvements. They are clear and can convey their suggestions for improvements in a very pedagogical way. Jakob and his team are very careful about following up and maintaining contact even after the collaboration has ended, which shows an enormous commitment to helping people. My warmest recommendations for you who need help with your job search.

Erik Brunnström

“When it comes down to you and another candidate to get the job, you need to make sure the recruiter chooses you. Find out at least one thing that is your unique selling point, why YOU?”

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