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I would like to thank the Sportidealisten team for the great amount of support they have provided me. I completed my master’s in the middle of the pandemic and was finding it difficult to find the right internship opportunity to kick start my career. The team at Sportidealisten helped me to find the right opportunity to understand my skill sets and experiences.

I will surely spread the word about the Sportidealisten among my friends and classmates and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for an opportunity in the sports industry.


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As soon as we decided to start recruiting for the position as a sports club consultant, the first natural step was to publish the sports job ad together with Sportidealisten. We see them as the sports industry’s leading recruitment platform for jobs in sports. Thanks to their personal service throughout the process, we are extremely satisfied with the outcome. We received many strong applications by advertising via Sportidealisten. Being a grassroots sports club, which does not have large funds to work with recruitment companies, we felt that we reached the exact target group we were looking for.

Next time when it’s time for us to scan the sports labor market, we’ll definitely go with Sportidealisten again.

Johan Rothlind – Club Director
Swimming Club Neptun

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