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These Terms of Use (“Terms”) govern your access to and use of the Sportidealisten website. All individuals or entities that access Sportidealisten are hereafter referred to as “You” or “User.” By accessing or using Sportidealisten and any of the content or services provided within Sportidealisten, You signify that you have read, understand and agree to be bound by this Agreement. Please read the Agreement in its entirety and contact us if you have any questions.

Our Service

We at Sportidealisten are fully committed to provide you, the user/company/organisation, with the best possible experience throughout our service, the website. The contract below, applies to Sportidealisten.com, and including the offsite collection of data for our Services, such as our ads.

1.0 Contract

You agree that by clicking “Join Now”, “Sign Up” or similar, registering, accessing or using our services (described above), you are agreeing to enter into a legally binding contract with Sportidealisten (even if you are using our Services on behalf of a company). By using Sportidealisten, you have opted-in to our Terms, Privacy Policy and respect our values. If you do not agree to this contract or our Terms, do not click “Join Now” (or similar) and do not access or otherwise use any of our Services. If you wish to terminate this contract, at any time you can do so by closing your account and no longer accessing or using our Services.


Sportidealisten reserves the right, at any time, to make any necessary changes or updates to these Terms of Service without prior notice. Any such modifications take effect immediately upon publishing on sportidealisten.com. You should review these Terms of Service occasionally as You are bound by these Terms. Continued use of sportidealisten.com establishes that You acknowledge and agree to be bound by these Terms. Except as otherwise provided, these Terms may not be amended. You understand and agree that Sportidealisten may electronically provide You these Terms either through posting links on sportidealisten.com or through e-mail agreements, invoices or any other official communication regarding your relationship with Sportidealisten. You also consent to receipt of any of these official communications electronically.

Applicable Laws

You are required to comply with all applicable laws in connection with your use of Sportidealisten. By accessing Sportidealisten you confirm that you will not use Sportidealisten for any purpose that is either unlawful or prohibited by these Terms. By accessing Sportidealisten, You agree that use is strictly for personal and non-commercial use. Sportidealisten does and will not grant you express or implied rights to access or use Sportidealisten for any other purpose. More specifically, You may not sell, lease or rent access to Sportidealisten or the services as part of Sportidealisten.

Restrictions of Use

You agree not to sell or modify the Content found on Sportidealisten. You also agree not to reproduce, display, publicly perform, distribute, or create a similar database or otherwise use the Sportidealisten’s Content in any way for any public or commercial purpose. You agree to not use any content found on Sportidealisten in a way that might cause confusion among consumers, or in a way that disparages or discredits Sportidealisten. The use of content found on Sportidealisten on a platform not associated with Sportidealisten is prohibited without written consent.


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You acknowledge that Sportidealisten may at any point in time choose to charge a fee for any portion of the services provided by Sportidealisten or any other entity owned by Sportidealisten.


If Sportidealisten terminates your use of Sportidealisten due to breach of contract, You will not be entitled to receive any refund. Refunds will only be given if Sportidealisten fails to uphold the standards set in a written agreement.