Free* education – Develop your career

Now more then ever, you have the time to invest in yourself, this is your time to work on your personal development

Right now, we are all living in unprecedented times. We are not sure what reality will look like in 2 months from now. But what we do know is that a lot of people have lost their jobs and the industry will be harder to get in. Therefore we are happy to present this page to you with a lot of knowledge that you can learn for free (*most of them are for free)! If there has been a good time to invest in yourself and to develop that certain skill you were lacking at your last job interview, then now is your time.

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Competencies that are always good to master

Here is a list of several skills that are all good and necessary to use where ever you will be. Learn one or two or why not all of them and take your next steps to that dream job in sports.

  • Language
  • Sales
  • Softwares like, Microsoft Office
  • Digitalization and e-commerce
  • Leadership and project management
  • Teamwork
  • Sustainability and environment
  • Communication
  • Creative skills within programs like Adobe

And one more thing. Remember that a certain skill might not be relevant right now, but think one step ahead. Maybe you can forecast that a certain skill or knowledge will be needed in the near future. So with this said, we hope you can enjoy and acquire a piece of new knowledge within the upcoming week.

MOOC – Free* online courses

MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) is education online, mostly for free and accessible for everyone. Most of the courses can be started whenever you want to start. Usually, they contain prerecorded lectures and added with relevant course material. But some courses also include interaction with other students.

Below are great courses from different popular education platforms like FutureLearn, edX and Coursera.
The only thing you need is to create an account at the platform you want to learn from.