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What is it like to work at SAIF?

During the spring of 2021, SAIF had the intern Jonas Fridell who has shared his experiences on SAIF’s website, which we will share a bit here.

It is really good to do the internship at SAIF when you get the mixture of tasks to do at a federation. You can sit down with something administrative and then be involved in a project. Then you at SAIF really ask us, interns, what we want to do, which is a great question that shows involvement and that every voice count. I can really recommend working with SAIF.

Jonas Fridell

He says that he now has learned even more about what the work at a federation can look like.

What have your main tasks been during this internship?

There has been some work with updating information on the website, I helped a sports club to update their BRP where there were a lot of activities to go through. I have also been able to work with my thesis for my university degree where I have been emailing contacts and run several phone calls. Then I also sat down with IDUS (the International Day of University sports) where we developed a project idea and then I had contact with the organization Städa Sverige.

What’s the difference between working at a federation and a club?

It is a completely different difference at the federation level. You could say working at a federation provides a broader view of all tasks you do than at the club level. There are a lot of impressions and different roles at the office to understand and how everything works. It has become more of an overall picture where you take part in various meetings about safe sports, other trips and how the federation works.

SAIF, Sveriges Akademiska Idrottsförbund

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What is SAIF about?

The Swedish University Sports Federation (SAIF), is a Special Sport Confederation (SF) which works with student sports at a national level. As a confederation, they primarily work with students at universities, colleges and adult education centers in Sweden who are interested in being physically active.

SAIF develops, coordinates and represents Swedish student sport through competitions, education and advocacy activities nationally and internationally. SAIF’s mission is to offer all students the opportunity to participate in sport at their level of ambition, regardless of whether you are a novice, elite or somewhere in between. They have approximately 100 member associations all over Sweden and offer over 50 different sports, with around 60,000 members in total.

Welcome to Swedish student sport!

The Swedish Academic Sports Federation, SAIF, was founded in 1913. For more than 100 years, the federation has developed, coordinated and represented Swedish student sport through competitions, training and advocacy activities nationally and internationally. SAIF is a federation with a solid history of offering opportunities for current and future active students. Swedish student sport offers all students the chance to take part in sport at the level of their ambition. The federation has approximately 100 member associations with around 60,000 members.

Get to know SAIF in 15 min (in Swedish)

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Studentiaden After Movie

Wants to get a better feeling about what SAIF’s core event is all about? Have a look at the video below from Studentiaden after movie.

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Here are some words from SAIF’s Secretary General, Kristian Svensk:

“We regularly look for students who can make a difference in our member associations. Here you have the opportunity to learn more about structure and organization, association theory, the implementation of events, and more. We are primarily looking for you who have a commitment that aligns with our vision, together active students create joy, community, learning and memories for life.”

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If SAIF sounds like something for you, you can always make a spontaneous application to info@saif.se.

SAIF, Sveriges Akademiska Idrottsförbund