How to create a sport federation

In this article we will share the story from Adam who built up a sport federation in the United States of America. You will learn what floorball is and how to get a job in sports. The full story is based on a podcast episode from Sports Views Podcast.

This is a shorter article based on an interview with Adam Troy from the Sport Views Podcast! The sport we are talking about is a well-known sport in Sweden so therefore we believe it is important to share this conversation with Adam. In this episode, you will learn a lot! Adam will share why he is unique in North America. You will learn about the sport Floorball and how he created USA Floorball, the floorball federation in the United States of America.

Furthermore, you will learn how Adam got into his job and floorball.

The worst and best experience with the American team.

Adam also shares some great advice on how to get a job in sports.

Listen to the full episode in the player below or at your podcast player.

USA Floorball: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Extra material When USA Floorball got smashed by Sweden

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