How to use LinkedIn to find a job in sports

Have you ever asked yourself, how to use LinkedIn to find a job in sports? LinkedIn is the professional platform for every industry to connect and find like-minded people, finding clients and customers, but it is also a great platform to find a job in sports. This article is a short one where we bring up some good tips of how to find a job in sports, how to apply for a job in LinkedIn and some benefits for sports employers and job seekers to use LinkedIn.

Is LinkedIn a good tool to find a job in sports?

When our founder was interviewed at the Halftime Snacks podcast he got a question about the impact of LinkedIn to find a job in the sports industry. Here is what Jakob answered.

I think it’s actually the platform for showing your professionalism or where you aim to be. The people at LinkedIn have done a great job so far with building this professional approach to finding jobs. I think there’s a lot of great jobs out there on LinkedIn. And some of them are posted from the hiring organization looking for candidates and some are the recruiting firms that post. And some of the job posts on LinkedIn are from sports organizations. But yes, there many different jobs on LinkedIn and some are for us in the sports industry.

Easy to apply for sports jobs on LinkedIn

So from a job seeker side of it, I think there are actually great opportunities out there. And it’s easy to apply for a job because you can also share your resume very easily, so to say, from your LinkedIn page immediately. Basically, applying for LinkedIn jobs is so easy that it is enough to share your LinkedIn profile as a resume.

Another great thing about LinkedIn and having an updated LinkedIn profile is that many hiring organizations also provide the opportunity to apply with your LinkedIn account on their recruiting platforms.

No matter if you apply for jobs via LinkedIn or on other platforms with the help of using your LinkedIn profile, the importance of an updated LinkedIn profile is hugh!

However, some sports jobs ads on LinkedIn will be more basic and will ask you to send in your normal resume via the hiring organization’s email. So sometimes you just have to accept that some organizations aren’t that modern yet.

So is LinkedIn a good tool to find a sports job?

I would say so! I think it’s worth it.

If you have an updated profile that you’re making sure looks professional, you will have come far and have already improved your chances of getting a sports job via LinkedIn. Just make sure to have a good (serious/professional) picture, a realistic title, the latest working experiences added, and so on.

The importance of LinkedIn in the sports industry

If you’re thinking about a sports job and want to act professionally, you should start with your LinkedIn profile. Is it up to date? The sports industry is smaller than you think and when people find you on LinkedIn you want to make sure to capture their attention and when they are checking out your name or your profile page, you want to make sure they are seeing the latest version of you.

Another point of the important of LinkedIn in the sports industry is that if you are applying for a sports job, the chances that the hiring manager is looking at you on LinkedIn are quite high.

That’s one way to look at it. And for me, you shouldn’t look at LinkedIn as the one thing. You should look at LinkedIn as a tool that can help you boost your career, either finding a sports job or finding great candidates, and so on. But don’t look at it as the only way. We have to use it as a tool to help us increase our chances to find the next sports job or the next candidate.

This was an excerpt from an interview with our founder Jakob Wikenstaal in the Halftime Snacks podcast.

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