How to find a sports management program?

Do you love sports and want to work in the sports industry? Maybe you lack the experiences and knowledge to find a sports job? Well then it could be a good step to study a sport management program. In this article we will share with you how to know if you should study sport management programs, what to consider, as well as what to know to study sport management programs.

Are you considering to study sport management?

Do you love sports and share the emotions of competitiveness or the leadership or social benefits? Sport Management is the program for you who want to work with leadership, organization and development in the sports, health, leisure and event sectors.

Are you interested in leading and developing the sports of the future in associations, federations, municipalities, companies and other organizations? Be part of the developments of a sports society that is characterized by inclusion, gender equality and entrepreneurship and that meets the challenges of the future.

Do you feel align with the above? Well then studying sport management might be something for you. As with everything it is important to make the right decision when studying at a university since the study time will be at least 3 years. There are so many different programs within the sport management field. You could study the managerial side of it, you could study the science part of sports or more the analytical side of it. Start thinking about your future job. What would you like to work with?

Make a list of tasks you would like to do. Then start identifying if you want to go abroad or not. Head over to the universities that offers sport management related programs and look through their study plan. Try to identify what sport management program that could help you explore those skills and areas of work that could take you on the journey to find your dream job in sports.

Here is a list of different topics and areas of sport management:

  1. Sport Governance and Policy
  2. Strategy, Leadership and Stakeholder Management in Sport
  3. Sport Marketing
  4. Sport Consumer Behaviour
  5. Sport Events and Tourism
  6. Sport, Media and Communication
  7. E-Sport and Technology
  8. Sport Facility Management
  9. Sport Funding and Finance
  10. Legal and Ethical Aspects of Sport
  11. Public Health and Physical Activity Management
  12. Sport Development and Socio-Cultural Perspectives
  13. Sport Management Education
  14. Broader, New and Critical Aspects of Sport Management

What can you work with from a sport management program

The job opportunities from a sport management program are plenty, however vacancies in the sports industry are quite hard to find. But when it comes to what you can work with in the sport management filed there are opportunities available in both the non-profit, public and private sectors. To start with, you have good conditions to influence your professional career during the sport management studies. You will have internship opportunities and you will write theses and you can of course also volunteer at different sporting events to try out different areas in the sports sector and see what you enjoy to do. Examples of professional titles in sports and leisure are: development consultant, sports and club manager, coach / trainer, sports manager, sport administrator, event manager, coordinator, media manager, facility manager, office manager and project manager. In addition, the core areas of sport management programs – management and organization – provide career opportunities in other sectors too.

Think about this before applying for sport management programs

Make sure to do your research about the different studies and their application processes. When to apply and how to apply. Do you want to study abroad? Do you want to go for an exchange semester? There are different benefits at each sport management program. Find out if you are eligible and make sure to contact the program manager in order to ask those questions you might have. It will be worth the time to ask those questions you might have when looking at the different sport management programs.

In order to find different sport management programs we have created this page where we have gathered the sports programs that are offered in the Nordics starting with sports programs in Denmark, then sports programs in Finland and then Norway and lastly Sweden.

What to know as a sport management student

Tons of people start every year a sport management education in order to later work in sports, to get that dream job. There are also lots of unanswered questions or hidden tips of how you actually getting through your education and getting closer to that dream job in sports. Check out this article if you want to get some advice about what to know as a sport management student.

Time to apply for sport management programs

Depending on you want to study abroad or not you need to apply several months ahead. For example, in Sweden, you can apply for sport management programs in the middle of the Spring or Fall. Make sure to do your research in time and take your decisions without any stress. You can find a mix of native speaking courses and programs to international Bachelor, Master and PhD programs in sport management at our list of sports studies in the Nordics here.

Good luck applying and we hope that you take a smart decision that brings you closer to your dream job in sports!