The role of a successful coach

In this article, we will follow up with the second part of the story of Rob Haans. A unique athlete with gold medals in three different weight classes and also a successful coach in martial arts. The full story about how to become a successful coach is based on a podcast episode from Sports Views Podcast.

This is a shorter article based on an interview with Dutchman Rob Haans from the Sport Views Podcast! The sports we are talking about are Martial Arts. In this episode, you will learn a lot! Actually, Rob has a great career as a successful athlete as well as a successful coach. Rob will share what it is like to coach and manage people. Rob Haans also talks about how he developed one of the greatest national teams and the importance och human coaching,

Human coaching is the key to becoming a successful coach

In this second part of the interview, you will learn that you can start your coaching career early in life. Rob shares how the Dutch team talked about the Swedish team and you will also learn more about the role of a coach. Rob will also share what he fears and what he wants to change in Jujitsu. And of course much more, here are some highlights:

5.03 – What’s the difference between military and coaching?

7.40 – What’s the difference between a coach and an athlete?

11.05 – How to coach every athlete individually

13.18 – How is it to coach a national team when you are from another country?

18.30 – How team Sweden found their key to success

22.25 – How to get to know the athletes better

42.43 – Best career advice

1.07.30 – Discover what superpower Rob would have if he could pick one

1.09.24 – How Rob uses his curiosity to develop himself

Rob’s question to you: How can we help each other to get the sports world stronger from this pandemic? What good examples have you seen in sports?

🎬 Movies to watch:

🚴‍♂️ The Least Expected Day

🏀  The Last Dance

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Open: An Autobiography

Tiger Woods

If you want to get a great overview of Rob’s successful career, you better check out this video

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