How to create a great sports job application

Have you had thoughts of a job in the world of sports but are unsure of what it could be? Or maybe due to the pandemic you are considering sport studies? If your answer is yes, then maybe we can give you two great and perhaps unexpected tips to try out. First of all test yourself and think about what you feel most excited about. In this post, we share two tips for creating a great job application, that are often underestimated.

Before you read further, you might want to start by finding your dream job? Then you should probably read 2 tips for you who are looking for the dream job.

If you have already applied for a Sport Management program this year, then we recommend that you still keep an eye out for vacancies in the world of sports. Because you never know what opportunities that may arise.

2 underestimated but important tips for your sports job application

Be sure to spell, grammar and review the layout in your application

Make sure that your application does not contain any spelling or grammatical errors. This can be crucial for your chances to land that dream job. Any errors like these could help the recruiter to go on with another candidate.

Feel free to ask a friend to proofread your application to make sure no language mistakes exist. One common mistake is to mix fonts and font sizes. Go through all headings and paragraphs separately or mark all text and delete format in order to start from scratch with the same font throughout your whole application. Then you can put headings into a heading font.

Last but not least, the layout is part of the application too. If the text is in different colors or if there are more spaces between one paragraph at one place than another the recruiter will react negatively. Ask a friend to check this too. Ensure that your application has an appealing layout.

Follow the instructions

Be sure to read the job advertisement carefully and follow the instructions given by the employer. Sometimes the employer wants special documents such as grades, certificates, register extracts, etc. sent with the application. Sometimes people forget that thing about attaching the grades or some sort of a register. If a recruiter is not getting all information they are looking for, you will limit your chances of getting that job. Make sure that your application is complete with all the information that the employer requests. Answer correctly.

The employer may have requests for how the application should be submitted. It may be that they want the application to be sent by e-mail or by letter or only be send in via their own application system.

The application may also need to be addressed to a specific person or department or a reference number. So make sure to read through the job advertisement you are applying to.

2 tips of how to create a great sports job application

In this post about how to create a great sports job application, we share two underrated tips for your sports job application. To summarize, make sure to:

1) be careful about the spelling, grammar and the layout of your application

2) follow the instructions in the job advertisement. It easily happens that all focus is on creating your CV based on what you have done and then a cover letter that should say something about you. It is very easy to forget the additional information that the employer requested.

So for your next sports job application, read through the job advertisement, create your content, and when you are done, check out the grammar and how your application looks like. Finally, go through the job advertisement again and see if all the points requested are answered.

Good luck with your future sports job applications.

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