2 tips to find a job in sports

In this article we share 2 tips to find a job in sports. Many people have a sports job as the dream job and therefore this article could help you get closer to your dream. The tips we are talking about is believing in yourself and creating your own experiences. You will also learn about permissionless work.

This article is based on a conversation our founder Jakob had as a guest on The Half Time Snacks Podcast where he shared many great tips but the focus in this article will be about 2 tips around how to find a job in sports.

Sport as a job is a dream job

The first advice to find a job in sports: If sport is the dream job, keep believing that you can make it. That’s the first thing.

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Create your own experiences for a sports job

The second piece of advice to find a job in sports is a bit longer. This is all about being creative and being an entrepreneur. If you are very creative and want to do stuff, take the entrepreneurial pathway into sports, it’s not a bad thing at all. It’s actually a good thing because you could actually build your own experiences. So if you think you have a resume where it basically says that you do not have any working experience in sports, then you might ask yourself: how can I get into a job in sports? Well, actually, you can build your own experiences.

You could launch your own podcast and actually learning a lot from its content creation. It’s like learning interviewing skills. And there are so many more skills being gained behind the scenes that you’re not thinking about right now. You can also run a blog, where you will learn a lot when you do your research. Both these two can be shared with people; you will actually create a lot of value. These things shouldn’t be thought of as something cheap, just a free time thing. It’s actually something that you can use in your own experiences for your future work.

And then just think of the mindset where you are trying to help as many as you can. It could be one person you help, but it could be 20 people too. Or why not 1 000. But start easy and smart. Start with that one person that you actually can help today. So building your own skills is one way to find a job in sports and just keep in mind that you always want to add value and help others.

If you want more advice about finding a job in sports you might like to read about this article too around how to build your sports job.

Permissionless work

Creating your own work and helping people without asking them first is also a concept called “permissionless work”. Basically, it is that you don’t really ask for permission to do something for someone. A guy called Jack Butcher from Twitter mentions this all the time. If there’s a company that you like to work for, just figure out the problem on their website or in their marketing, and just fix it. Publish it on the networks, or send it to them, or just do it and send an email to the CEO and be like, “Hey, you did this wrong, here’s how you should do it.” That’s how you can actually catch the attention of the people you want to work for or work with.


So to wrap this all up. There are many great ways to start to do right now and in this article we share 2 tips to find a job in sports. The first one is all about keep believing in yourself. You know and can do so much more than you think!

The second one is about adding value to other people and this could be done by creating your own working experiences like your own podcast, your own blog. Write or talk about things you find interesting and ask people to share their feedback. Learn from that and keep building. The more you build, the more experiences you got and can learn from and share with others.

The bonus advice is a concept called “permissionless work”. If you see problems in the sports industry, like a website or a newsletter that could be managed better, well write down your suggestion, build it and send it to them.

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