A young innovator with an innovative idea

We are so happy to share in this post more about the award our founder Jakob Wikenstaal recently received, as a young entrepreneur and innovator. Jakob won the award SKAPA for young talents. In this post, we will explain what SKAPA is and why Jakob won.

When you are reading this, you have probably already read this news but since we are proud to have our founder as one of the winners of the SKAPA Talang award, we wanted to share it with you. This is an award for young entrepreneurs and innovators in Sweden and Jakob Wikenstaal was one of the winners of 2020.

Words from the young innovator Jakob Wikenstaal

It is so fun when you get feedback. I am also grateful that I can get results and show that I never give up. Recently, I took part in Sweden’s biggest innovation award and I received an award as a young innovator. I won the prize, SKAPA talent – for young innovators in Sk√•ne, a competition for people who are under 30 years old.

Once again, I am so happy and grateful ūüėÉ.

Why did I win? Well, I have won for the idea, Sportidealisten. If you aren’t aware of what we do and our idea, then here you go:

Sportidealisten is a niche solution for match making with sports jobs.

The innovator Jakob Wikenstaal with an innovative idea, Sportidealisten

Vision of Sportidealisten

The vision of Sportidealisten is to have a world where everyone can work with their passion. We believe that people work better and longer if they have a passion for their work and in our perspective that is a passion for sports.

‚ÄúWikenst√•l has created a niche solution for recruiting employees and matching dream jobs in the sports industry. The principle is not new, but applying to a niche industry is an incremental innovation. This young entrepreneur (28 years) will be exciting to follow in the future.‚ÄĚ

РJohan Olsén, Business Manager, Almi Företagspartner Skåne AB
The innovator Jakob Wikenstaal with an innovative idea, Sportidealisten

SKAPA award – Sweden’s Innovation award for innovators

The SKAPA award is Sweden’s biggest innovation award, with the aim of providing support to inventors in order to develop their ideas. SKAPA is a foundation founded in the memory of Alfred Nobel in 1985 and awarded its first prize in 1986.

This prestigious prize, SKAPA Talang is awarded to the talents of the future. The prize is awarded to the young person or persons who have made the most deserving efforts in terms of innovation and creativity, the development of products and services that can lead to commercial opportunities. The award gives power to the innovation climate in Sweden.

The SKAPA Foundation is backed by the Stockholm Fair and the Swedish Inventors’ Association with the support of Almi F√∂retagspartner AB, VINNOVA, the Agne Johansson Memorial Foundation and the Patent and Registration Office.

The innovator Jakob Wikenstaal with an innovative idea, Sportidealisten
Sportidealisten Lediga Sport Management Jobb Idrottsvetare Lediga SportJobb Lediga IdrottsJobb Sportkarriär Jobba med sport Sportutbildning idrottsutbildning Sports Job Sport Jobs

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